Who should be my Colorless member on Fliersweep?

Alrighty, so I’ve come to a dilemma.

While Loki has been fun being the sole F2P Flying colorless unit capable of filling in the fourth slot on my Fliersweep team, during my time away a competitor has come along: Scion Nanna.

While a healer is redundant on a team who’s main strategy boils down to “Blitzkrieg, and when that doesn’t work, Hit-and-Run”, she can cover physical walls, something Fliersweep tends to struggle against.

Course Loki does come in handy against the occasional troublesome flier, so she has that going for her, plus having also already invested in her. Her seal slot is also open, allowing for some flexibility in her builds.

Nanna on the other hand I’d have to build up from scratch, INCLUDING getting copies of her since I missed her original run (although I do plan on getting her manual when it comes around). Not only that, the team makes good use of Flier Formation, and Nanna has to use it as her seal which limits her build flexibility a ton.

But enough beating around the bush, here’s the ideal builds for the both of them.

Loki’s seal is just a slot filler, and Nanna’s weapon can be swapped out for something that actively benefits the rest of the team (maybe Slow or Gravity) but this is the general idea.

  • Spring Loki
  • Scion Nanna

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Nanna with flash can turn all your units into firesweeps so…


I mean yeah, but the rest of the team already HAS their Firesweep weapons so it’d be super redundant.


I’m just saying it’s open them up to more powerful and refinable weapons so you’re still getting the sweep effects in addition to stuff like unity sword, lull Atk/Def 4 lance, etc.

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TBH I would just use a refined B-Camilla over either of them

Unmerged refined B-Camilla is about as strong offensively as a fully merged Nanna (Cam’s getting 10 extra Atk/Spd from her Prf) and also provides incredible offensive support with the -7 Def/Res she inflicts in a huge area while also bringing Gravity to the table

Nanna Grail cost is really, REALLY hard to swallow when you have to start completely from scratch; I can’t really recommend investing that many Grails in a poor scoring healer unless you adore her character


Nanita is a newer unit with a better offensive statline. She also hits res, which is usually better for a firesweep (imo)

On the other hand healers are locked to run wrathful/dazzling on the B slot while Loki would have a free choice there.

Not many options on the F2P pool for this strategy tbh, so up to your preference really


What’s the rest of the team? Might help with giving advice here.

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Good point, I didn’t add them at first since they weren’t too relevant, but if it’ll help with the decision the here they are!

Fiora is gonna get replaced by Tanith eventually, who’ll be running a build a bit more in line with Cynthia, and Innes is on track to be replaced if a better F2P option arises.

Ok, then I’d definitely say Nanna or a B!Camilla like LadyLuna suggested. Just a healer in general really. Those are all physical units so having someone who deals magic damage could help out. Plus they would also bring the added support utility of being a healer.


Seeing how Cynthia is also a grail unit, I’d say trying to spread your resources better might be the best place to start.

Camilla has similar stats to Innes and offers drive Atk/Spd to her fliers.

Seteth has a better statline to Cynthia and does the same that Camilla does.

Tanith is a solid ball of stats that can be anything you want her to be.

And with someone like Nanna you can attack freely with any of them while using their Prf’s or other weapons. Just spit balling here but:

As a budget team, they all drive and ward each other for +8-10 Atk/Spd/Def/Res, and flash allows all of them to attack without fear of retaliation.

If you have ties to Innes and Cynthia as favorite units, invest in them all day long. But if you’re just going for a flier team period is say you have better options.

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