Who should be my first 6 stars?

I started playing a few days ago, I’m on a mission to create my first 6 stars. The characters I have are:

  • Angelica
  • Falconer Kluri
  • Violet
  • Tywin
  • Judge Kise
  • Sigret

Depends on which character you use the most and how much time, gear and mola you invested into them

My gut feeling: Violet, because he is damn good in PvP, but it also depends on what content you’re focusing on. When I was starting out, this video by Mogawty was pretty helpful.

Main takeaways are that six-starring raises Attack, Defense and Health so you want to do it for Heroes like single-target DPS who benefit from all those stats. I also looked at all my Heroes’ sixth Awakening nodes to see what extra stats they get after collecting those Catalysts.

I would recommend investing on your main dps/damage dealer. Characters with AoE are ideal. I don’t know much about Judger Kise, but she would probably be a go to due to the fact she is a moonlight (in other words, her “type” makes it so that she is able to clean fights without having to worry about your targets “type”, at least on PvE)

Just as a heads up for your second 6*, try upgrading a buffer/debuffer or a healer/support.