Who should be my grails project? (With Poll)

Well I Guess today I’m into asking questions :sweat_smile:
I have almost 1200 grails, but only 1 Hero can have them.
They would be used in either Arena (if they have good BSTs) or general use in maps like Arena Assault or GHB.
The possibilities are:
1 - The Flame Emperor

2 - “Marth”

3 - Ashnard (I haven’t build him yet)

And finally
4 - Lorenz AKA “Pedo Speedo”

Let’s see the results:

  • Flame Emperor
  • Marth
  • Ashnard
  • Pedo Speedo

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Thank you in advance :+1:


Flame Emperor’s pretty much a scorestick, Summer Lorenz is a mediocre ball of stats.

Ashnard is a unique, tanky flyer that works well in many teams, and Masked Marth is a sword infantry which has access to all kinds of chaos. She also has Sealed Falchion which will get a refine in the (hopefully near) future.

So I’m going to say Masked Marth.


FE for Arena it is


how dare you


Lorenz deserves some love, but if you are going to use the unit for arena, FE is the way.


I like the dude, but its a Catchy name :joy::sweat_smile:

The thing with flame Emperor that sucks is that he was powercrept hard by a Certain Legendary Hero…

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FE is a typical enemy phase armor unit with high BST and is easily mergable. Legendary heroes on the other hand are tied to a specific season and they are expensive to build in comparison. Besides, that legendary role has a completely different playstyle. I don’t see too much competetion there.