Who Should Eat The Flame God's Carcass?

Got a Muspel and he’s gonna die but which little dragon girl should eat him?


A long time favourite in Awakening and Heroes and is my next focus on the impossible list for infantry dragonflowers. She works with my +10 Myrrh exchanging Fortify/Hone Dragons buffs and the pair, along with A!Tiki see a lot of use as a trio in various modes including light season AR (I don’t take it seriously, I’m T20 and happy there).

I am also looking to move on from Steady Breath which is still great but I feel a stance is now better, especially when it’s a seal if needed. If I ever see a Ronan, she’s getting Swift Stance which would then put her Res at 50 if she’s adjacent to Myrrh.


Overshadowed by +10 Myrrh most of the time but she’s a good girl.

With her weapon and if she had the same seal as Nowi, she’d be hitting 50 Res too. Although I wouldn’t be investing anything more into her than DW, no fancy new DC variants nor shiny C skills.

I think for Fae, Dragon Wall is her best choice of B skill whereas Nowi has other options like Null-F and I would invest more in Nowi as I’ve played her game and like her. So, any opinions on which dragon girl gets to eat the wannabe My Hero Academia villain?

Edit: Maybe should add I’m never building other dragons. I have A!Tiki, Nowi, Myrrh and Fae at +10 and have no interest in any other 3/4* normal pool or grail dragons. I’d of course love to merge some 5* ones but anytime I’ve attempted such a thing the game has just kicked me hard and repeatedly in the orbs. I also have no Null-F, Null-C nor Dragon’s Ire, Dragon Wall is literally the only thing better than QR3 I can give.


I would save it for another Dragon unit.^^


@Dragginz @dragonforcefan

If i absolutely had to choose, i’d say Fae, since she has more starting res, which may give her a slight edge when faced with AoE.

With that said, neither are that good at using that B-slot, due to their Gen 1 stat spread. An attack Lull, or Dragon’s Ire (especially for a Stance Nowi) will likely be better. Not to mention NFU.
With her debuff negation, Nowi may also be able to pull off a NCD-Mystic Boost set to bath into staff attacks and wreck some sweep users’ face.


Personally I use NCD on Fae and NFU on Nowi. Fae’s high res makes her great for baiting dazzling staves imo.

I should really use these two together more often, they go well together because Fae can provide the buffs Nowi wants for BD.


Same as above. Dragon wall should be better on a unit like Ena or MKana after his refine


No rush, I’d wait. Both could use it fine, but they’re both a little overshadowed at this point.

If you aren’t planning on ever building M!Kana, I’d just save it for a rainy day. Nowi benefits most from NCD, and Fae would like Dragon’s Ire more.

Basically wall is for units who have the Spd or an effect to follow up, or don’t care about follow ups via raw bulk or overwhelming attack, and neither Nowi or Fae really fit that bill.


I personally wouldn’t put dragon wall on either of them. If I had to pick for myself, between nowi or fae, my choice would be nowi. Since I would heavy invest into her to make her stand out. As for my current build, I made her fast, since I swapped from res tank to spd after refine.

B skill always were the issue, I got no ncd spare also I feel like holding onto nfu. I took lull spd/res instead when I gave her atk/spd solo 4. (ye I killed w!Bernie, crucify me kek) would have probably picked lull atk/spd if I had a good inherit option.

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flame for the flame god