Who should get Firesweep Bow? (Poll)

So my 5+% rate on the Catria Spring rerun got broken by Faye… So who should I give Firesweep Bow?

  • Igrene [+4 +spd]
  • L!Lucina [+2 +spd]
  • Sue [+1 +atk]
  • Tanya [currently unmerged but I got 2 more copies recently, although all 3 have been +res so far]
  • B!Lyn [+1 +atk]
  • Rolf [+1]
  • Bownoka [+3 +atk]

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I know @TMFM has a scary +10 L!Lucina with Firesweep bow. Of course it’s +10 though. I’d recommend not giving it to someone who already has a good prf. I was going to suggest B!Lyn since you can get a new one right now if you choose to summon for her or the upcoming Starter pack, but she also has a very nice weapon refine, though one of the weaker refines.


I have refined B!Lyn’s bow, but mainly cause I have so much dew and nothing to spend it on anymore Cecilia refine when? Like I just checked and I have 1900 dew…

And these Tanya votes are making me have ideas, like I could give her Swift Sparrow 3…


I have 600 and I think I will refine B!Lyn’s weapon after I get the other starter pack.

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firesweep/poison/poison is underrated and has been extremely useful for me on alm and brave lyn in all game modes. alm has his special to get the last points of damage for the ko, lyn has 3 move. igrene has the best offensive stats, but not much else for firesweep.

it would at least as well with lucina as lyn. toss up.


Personally I would just save it till you get a bow you really want to invest into. And farm the hm/dragons flowers off of Faye.

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I voted Hinoka but tbh NY!Fjorm uses it well too. I have her in AR with my flier ball and she melts loads of Blue Vantage tanks that the rest of my team can struggle with

As soon as I got the dragonflowers all 2 of them… I instantly manualed her because I can’t stand Faye’s character whatsoever and I already have an inherent bias against SoV to begin with

I mean Tanya was someone I would consider merging and Norne but I gave her DD4 already to go with her Guard Bow. And as far as usage goes Igrene sees a ton cause she’s one of my favs from Binding. And most often recently my go to Abyssal defeater. So glad I managed to get 3 more copies of her from her most recent rerun The Blazing Wind banner I think?

Firesweep Norne is stupidly powerful and kills almost everything. You didn’t have her as an option, but seeing as all of your units are not merged to +10 and 5* exclusives and most will have really suspect value anyway, I’m giving you a new option lol.

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Tanya isn’t a 5 star exclusive. (I just haven’t gotten many of her until recently when I went from 1 to 3 copies). Also I mentioned to someone else I have a +2 Norne and I’ve given her DD4 to go with her Guard Bow, so I was looking more at other options since she’s got some investment for defensive stuff at least.

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Aww… I had a lasting effect.

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I’m so jealous. I need a firesweep bow to complete my Nourne build. It’s the last piece… I’m just waiting on a banner.

I’m just sitting over here now thinking Tanya looks more and more appealing for this.

And now I got a +atk Tanya making this just seem even more tempting for her

At least we had a conversation…