Who should get Heavy Blade 4

I managed to snag two D!Ephraims on the revival. I want to fodder at least one of them, but who should get it? :feh_arthurthink:

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Any particular candidates? :ferdbirb:

Who are you thinking about?

The only unit I’ve given it to is Laegjarn (and she’s great with it), but I’m guessing your investments are elsewhere.

I’ve thought about giving it to my NY!Lethe. But I don’t have an Ephraim to fodder.

Well,first of,what units can work with it?
Without knowing the possible candidates, i cant tell you which unit should get it.
I would always say Norne,but that may not help you

L!Edelgard is a candidate for Heavy Blade 4 :smiley:

But i would merge Duo!Ephraim, he is so powerful ;D

He destroys everything ;)

I was thinking maybe OG!Ephraim since I have more merges on him. I could also start on a Donnel. I have a +2 Elincia as well who has decent atk. I also have a +10 S!Lute so I think she could use it too. But besides those candidates, I think a cavalry unit makes the best use of all the fodder.

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Donnel sounds like a great pick for it. Wouldn’t give it to the Fliers though, would be a waste of the Lull.


Yeah that’s my main issue. Since its the only tier 4 blade skill fliers can get I figured it might make sense. But yeah its not worth it.


Do you use him in AR-O? Is he any good if you aren’t running Galeforce in him?

Some of my fodderings would probably give you nightmares.


Glad I don’t remember my dreams :fgo_coffee:

Though TBH I’m thinking of giving it to SF! Nino anyway, was just speaking in a practical sense.

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So does Donnel sound like the best candidate?


Ye,he sounds like one


Donnel is a great candidate! Be sure to use a Jamke for HB3 first so you can put both the lull and HB4 on him!


Since I’ll probably be going with Donnel, I still have one extra Dephraim. +2 Siegbert with his new refine? Yes or no?

If you do I’d go for the same thing as Donnel, so use another Jamke for both skills! Though with Seigbert’s pitiful res stat he’s better with an impact A slot so he can duel any dragons with a bit of a safety net but the lull is great for him as well!

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