Who should I aim to summon next?


I’m a pure F2P player and my strategy has been saving for half a year and use the 400 or so quartz to try to get someone I like. I’m looking for some advice on who I should try to summon next.

Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Saber: Altria, Mordred, Altria (alter), Elisabeth (Brave), Rama (NP2), Nero, d’Eon (NP5)
  2. Archer: Gilgamesh, Orion, Chloe, Anne & Mary, Nobu, Emiya (NP2)
  3. Lancer: Medusa, Jeanne alter santa lily, Elisabeth
  4. Rider: Ishtar, Kintoki, Altria (Santa Alter), Anne & Mary, Martha, Marie
  5. Caster: Merlin, Gilgamesh, Nitocris (NP2), Holy Grail, Helena, Nursery Rhyme, Elisabeth (Halloween)
  6. Assassin: MHX, Scathach, Ryougi Shiki, Carmilla, Stheno, Emiya
  7. Berserker: Raiku (NP2), MHXA, Nightingale, Beowulf (NP3), Frankenstein, Tamamo Cat, Lancelot, Ibaraki, Chacha
  8. Special: Sherlock Holmes (Ruler), Jeanne (Ruler), Mecha Eli-chan, BB, Anra Mainiiu

Here’s a list of servant that I’m interested in:

  1. Scathach (Lancher): My only waifu! Really want to have her!
  2. Arthur Pendragon (Prototype): He looks very cool
  3. Cu Chulainn (Alter): Kind of cool, and I heard that he’s a pretty good berserker for some challenge quests.
  4. Skadi? I don’t really like the character, but I heard that she’s really really good as a quick support. Well I think she’s still more than 8 months away on NA server, so I won’t worry about her too much for now.
  5. Ereshkigal? She will be available very soon in the Chrismas banner and I do like her personality from Seventh Singularity, but also I read some review that she is a subpar lancer, so I’m not sure if I wanna roll for her.

Please give me some advice on who I should focus on from now to mid year 2020, or any general suggestion on how I should plan my rolls. Thanks!

Scathatch is having a banner this new years on rotation. Out of all the ones you’ve listed your Lancers seem to have the least.

You have a pretty well-rounded roster. If you plan on rolling in the near future and need another AoE lancer - Ereshkigal. 50% battery is always a very good thing and while you have Jailter and Eli, only Jailter has a battery and then only 20% one. Eresh has a lot of downsides - her ATK stat is low for 5* servant(lowest out of 5* lancers, in fact), her NP effect has only +10% buster buff by default and she has no NP strengthening for at least another 2 years on NA servers, but she still has a good steroid, a hard survival option and a decent ATK buff tied to her 3rd skill + NP and her NP generation(and the fact that she has teamwide NP gain up buff) is good enough. In general she can be considered inferior to Lartoria in farming because of her higher ATK and NP refund on NP and inferior to Karna in the “NP hard and crit the boss hard” department, but she is a viable servant. Still, people usually want to get her for waifu reasons more than for gameplay ones.
If you have all of your AoE Lancer needs fulfulled by Jailter and Eli(or Berserker Raikou) - skip her, and either try for your Waifu-Scathach this New Year or stockpile some more SQ and grab Skadi this summer. You already have MHX, MHXA, Fran and Zerkerlot, who work very well with her and can be used in double Skadi shenaniganans.
All in all, I’d recommend you to roll for your waifu, gameplay-wise you already have a good roster.

3T comps often rely on double Waver to work and having your own means you can be more flexible with CQ/Boss comps. While I’m not completely clear on what 3T comps (in say lottery events) will look like in the post Skadi world, having your own helps and is worth considering.

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I support this. At least get Skadi and Waver from their banners this upcoming year. They just change the way you play so much. You will never know the difference until you have them. Other roles can at least be filled by the f2p (though subpar) until you get other better units. The only comparable support you get from the f2p servants is Hans and while top tier, he just isn’t enough. Also, having the four support casters will allow you to just fill in your dps needs with you friend supports. Cas Gil and Helena are definitely very good but they fill different support roles from the ones I mentioned. The SSR caster supports just play on a league of their own.

Aside from that, your roster already has some balance when it comes to your DPS. You might just want to invest on an Avenger (Jalter is a very good candidate) as I’ve been told that some parts of the losbelts are teeming with Rulers. :grin:


saaaame do it with me

Scathach would probably be your best bet. You seem to be a bit thin at ST Lancer, and Scathach is arguably the best ST Lancer in the game. Plus she’s your waifu, and waifu > gameplay.


The rules for rolling for F2P players never change.

In order of priority, roll for:

  1. Roll the character that you like the most;
  2. Optimal gameplay benefit, namely one of the big four supports (Merlin, Waver, Tamamo, and soon-to-be Skadi)
  3. Gameplay, generally units that are among the best in their class and will continue to be so in the future

Your chances as a F2P means that 5* units will be very rare for you, so you’re really going to have to decide and weigh what works for you best.


Basically your only ‘weak’ class is Lancer, the rest are various levels of fine (Saber), to excellent (Caster, etc).

That’s true, he trivializes wide gulfs of the game in general. For gameplay purposes, you can get the same effect from borrowing one. I rolled for him, but because I like him, not because having my own is anywhere near necessary even for the hardest of content thanks to the Support system. Frankly, in terms of “too lazy to think of a team, you go kill stuff” I just throw out my Amakusa because his charge is incredibly convenient, alongside his NP and Ruler resistance to most classes.

Well, if you don’t like her that’s already a major negative regardless of her powerful utility; you probably aren’t going to use someone you don’t care for unless you find it necessary during the hardest farm periods (lotteries). That said, IMO don’t write her off yet, simply on the basis that she hasn’t even had her showing in the story yet. I was initially meh on Nightless Assassin, and she’s still not my favorite, but I can kinda groove with her.

In terms of min-turning farming nodes her damage can make her come up short (@Aylmeow has even remarked on such), and in terms of utility she’s not exactly a top pick despite having utility baked into her kit. On the flip side, she’s still an SSR with a 50% charge (can insta-NP with BG and Waver, insta-NP with 50% charge and her own skill), has utility you can nonetheless make use of, and is pretty rare (only 2 banners so far). Further, no SSR is Bad, nor is unusable/you can’t get something out of.

I mean some peeps just use Servants because they’re cute and that’s perfectly fine. Not enough for me, but is it enough for you? I dunno.

Very good at nuking and you evidently adore her. IMO simply save up SQ for her next banner, likely/presumably this NY.

Haha thanks a lot for responding with so much info (this is actually my first post)!

I do like Ereshkigal for non-gameplay reasons, but not that much compared to Scathach.
I guess I’ll try to roll for Scathach during new year then, since I still have some time to stockpile for Skadi.

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Haha sure :grinning: When is his next banner coming?

Yes, I’m getting all SQs I can to prepare for new year (haven’t done Salem yet)

Thanks a lot for such detailed analysis!

Yeah I guess I’m gonna go for Scathach first, and stockpile a bit to try for Waver/Skadi when the time comes (still really want to get Arthur though)

Scathach is just bae. Her numbers on the Divine and Undead are just :kissing_heart:. Her lore is also pretty interesting. Ah yes, why don’t you like Skadi if you like Shishou? She’s an alternate ver. Scathach in a sense. Furthermore, they complement each other when it comes to gameplay. You can even play the triple Shishou comp if you want just for the memes.

yes I know she’s just a different version of Shishou, and I believe I would love all versions her (yes the summer assassin Scathach for sure), but honestly I just don’t like how she’s depicted in her splash art/portrait (saw her default, 1st ascension, 2nd ascension portraits by accident). I didn’t want to spoil myself of anything further so I’m know anything about her lore, character model, NP animation, why she’s named Scathach=Skadi, etc.

Maybe after I get to know all those I’ll actually like her despite the portrait that just doesn’t click with me.

Yeah, the in game plot affect a servant’s popularity and character building afterall. Without Babylonia, I think Eresh would just be another Rin face to some of us. Its the reason why you even considered rolling for her too.

Anyway, I’ll be rolling for Shishou too. Good luck to both of us! :+1:

Edit: I also don’t like Skadi’s 3rd ascension that much. I do like her 1st very much though. It just gives an aura of majesty befitting the ‘Queen of the Land of Shadows’ while paying homage to the design of the original lancer Shishou.

Sounds like a good idea!

I’ll note though re Skadi: They’re pretty different. Same container yes, but Skadi literally has a line about how she’s not Scathach (or if you are going to, then address her as “Scathach-sama”), to say nothing of their different personalities. I won’t tell you anything else since you don’t want to be spoiled, but that’s worth pointing out. It’s not too dissimilar from, say, Eresh and Ishtar far as Rinfaces go in a sense.