Who should I choose, Cleo or Semiramis?

So Cleopatra’s banner is tomorrow and I am wondering if I should go for her or Semiramis later. I already plan on going for Ereshkigal in December and I will spend money to get her. I don’t have an assassin yet(SSR or SR). I want to know who would be the better pick?

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cleo, imo. she was amazingly great fun when I used her as support last year

though fullramis>semiramis


I suggest you always try out the summon simulator before rolling in a banner, that way you can get an idea of the drop rates of whatever you are looking for

I don’t roll in a banner if I see that what I want does not drop in less than 50 summons on average

I test it out various times to make sure

Both are pretty good, with Cleo being more selfish and independent; while Semiramis brings more utility and needs a bit of support (mainly, stars for her 3rd skill).

Go for your favorite character. That said, I support Cleo. I’d say utility servants are more common than DPS in the assassin class. Furthermore, she’s just very fun to play. Also, Kugimiya Rie.

They’re both pretty close in performance from what I can see. Both have the same NP charge potential (though Cleo’s is on timed release and Semi’s is instant) and NP gain up, and a Buster AOE NP. Both a mechanism for improving damage, with Cleo’s Imperial Privilege on a chance base for general attack and Semiramis for Buster resist down for her NP. I’d give the slight edge to Cleopatra if I had to because of the Invulnerability and having her NP charge and gain on the same skill, but I like Semiramis a lot more as a character, so I’d subjectively choose her.

So there isn’t really a wrong choice between the two of them, since they are both very good, and play in a very similar way. For the purposes of this comparison, I’m going to consider them with 10/10/10 skills. Click on the points for a better explanation.

NP charging: Semi wins, but Cleo is just behind. There's really very little in it.

Semi has a 30% battery, a 40% NP gain boost, a QAAAB deck, very high hit counts, but a rather low % per hit.

Cleo has a 10% per turn for 3 turns, a 40% NP gain boost (those are on the same skill), a QQABB deck, very high to reasonable hit counts, and an incredibly high % per hit.

The battery and NP per turn balance out, as do the NP gain boosts, so I’m going to ignore them. There’s a bit of a difference, batteries are better for quicker NPs, but per turns can potentially help charge multiple NPs. Also worth noting that all of Cleo’s boost are on a single skill, whereas Semi’s are on two skills.

The big thing is the NP gain from cards. Semi barely wins, simply because she has three arts cards. Honestly, her % per hit is atrocious, which severely hampers her. On the other hand, Cleo’s quick and extra are absolutely brilliant, and her arts is about average.

Star generation: Cleo wins. Semi is good, but Cleo is absolutely fantastic at this.

Cleo can produce 20 stars at will, whereas Semi drains 8 stars to activate her 3rd skill, which is her most offensive skill. Their star generation rates are fairly similar, although Cleo’s is slightly higher.

Cleo’s QQABB deck naturally produces more stars than Semi’s QAAAB deck, and Cleo’s extra attack has an extra hit.

Damage: Cleo wins by a landslide if Imperial Privilege activates, Semi wins by a little if it doesn't.

Semi can ignore caster resistance for 3 turns, and decrease all enemies buster resistance by 50% for 3 turns. Her NP boosts her NP damage by 10% for 1 turn. She can also poison, but poison sucks, so I’m going to ignore it.

Cleo has boost her attack by 40% on a 60% chance (thanks Imperial Privilege), and her NP boosts her buster damage by 30% for 1 turn. She also has two buster cards, so can NPBB chain.

Semi’s base attack is very slightly higher than Cleo’s, but they are overall incredibly close.

Honestly, you really shouldn’t be using Semi on casters, even if she has her second skill. That can’t be used all of the time, and if it’s a mixed node, then just use a berserker. That skill, whilst interesting, isn’t very useful outside of the NP gain.

If Cleo’s Imperial Privilege activates, then she just wins. There is nothing Semi can do to keep up. If it fails however, then Semi is a little bit stronger, but not massively.

Defence: Cleo wins hands down.

As I said before, You really shouldn’t be using Semi against casters, even though she has her second skill. If it blocked all effectiveness, similarly to Nero Caster’s skill, then it would be great against berserkers. As it is though, it’s just not a very good effect. Semi also has a 20% def boost for 3 turns on her NP, and once it’s been upgraded, buff removal resistance for 1 turn. That buff removal resistance is so niche that it may as well not exist. Buff removal skills such as Jack’s Information Erasure cannot be predicted outside of very specific challenge quests. The only reason I can think of for the buff removal resistance being important is fights against someone like Amakusa, who has buff removal tied to their NP. Effectively, Semi’s 20% buff on NP is her only defensive measure.

Cleo on the other hand has a 40% def boost on a 60% chance (Imperial Privilege, why do you exist?), two heals, and an invincibility that also clears her debuffs. Her NP does however deal 1000 damage to herself, but this is effectively negated by Golden Rule’s 1000 HP regen. Also, as I’ll talk about in a bit, you can just not use her NP.

Support: Semi wins in general, however once her NP has been upgraded, Cleo has an incredibly rare and powerful buff block.

Semi has a poison (which sucks, so will be ignored), an AoE 50% buster defence down (effectively a buster buff that doesn’t carry over to the next wave), and a 20% def buff on her NP, as well as the previously mentioned essentially worthless buff removal resistance on her NP. The buster def down and the def buff on her NP are both quite good.

Cleo has 20 free stars on her invincibility, and once her NP is upgraded, AoE buff block. Buff block is situational, but can be absolutely amazing against certain bosses such as Altria lancer, who gets ignore invincibility on her NP.

Those are the basic parameters, however I’m going to go into a couple of other points that you might find interesting.

Farming: Semi can NP turn 1.

Against something basic like the EXP daily, Semi is quite useful. if you pair her with either an MLB Imaginary Element, or a Kscope, she can use her first skill to NP immediately, and clear a wave.

Cleo cannot do this.

Solo potential: Cleo is surprisingly good.

So this isn’t really the ‘intended’ use for her, but Cleo is actually a genuinely good servant at soloing, since all of her skills have some sort of defensive ability. Recently, I’ve soloed Medb’s Nerofest quest, and during the CCC even, I soloed Kiara (nerfed) with her. When you’re up against a challenge quest that has no class advantage over Cleo, and she has time to set herself up, Cleo is a genuine way to carry you through hard content.

When doing this, it’s actually not always a good idea to use her NP, because of the 1000 damage. Normally, I use BQB chains, and only use her NP when Imperial Privilege has it’s attack buff up, or she has the potential to crit some attacks in an NPBB chain.

Semi cannot do this.

Finally, you need to consider who you like more. Since I got her, Cleo has become my favourite servant in the game. I have grailed her to 100, and am putting all of my golden Fous into her. A large reason for that is her animations. They are all just really cool. As I regularly explain to people who ask me why I like her so much, she’s a baddass woman in hot pants, lying on the back of a giant golden mecha-snake, who attacks using a combination of sparkles, backfilps, moonwalks, and dropkicks. Cleo is so much fun to play, so I personally, would pick her every time.


Thanks for all the opinions I really appreciate it!


Since you’re planning to go after Ereshkigal, it might help to know how Cleopatra and Semiramis would work with her.

Cleopatra is a fairly selfish servant and the only thing she offers Eresh is stars albeit she does a really good job at it. A crit fueled Art card with Eresh should fill about half of her np gauge.

Eresh has her Protection of the Underworld that Cleopatra can use just in case her Imperial Privilege fails.

Semiramis has a buster debuff that can help with Eresh’s low damage and her triple Arts deck can help with Eresh’s inconsistent np gain.

Eresh still has the Protection of the Underworld that’s universally useful but the np gain buff could stack with Semiramis’s and help Semiramis spam her NP.

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I want to talk about Cleo some more, so screw it, I’m going to give a skill and NP review on the two of them. Once again, click on the skills for more information.


Familiar (Pigeon) D: 3/5

This skill is essentially just a 30% battery. Batteries are always good. It’s not 50%, so you can’t use her with CEs like Holy Night Sign or Golden Sumo, but it can still be used to let Semi NP turn 1.

The reduced debuff resistance isn’t incredibly strong. None of her skills have chances attached, so this is only really relevant if the enemy have some form of debuff resistance, or as a support for another servant’s skills.

Double Summon B: 2/5

As I said in my previous post, despite this skill, Semi should not be used against casters. Unless the node has a wave of casters before a rider boss, I see no reason why the secondary effect of this skill should ever come into play. It is essentially worthless.

The 40% NP gain for 3 turns is alright. Semi has decent NP gain already, so it’s slightly better than it would be on the average servant. Not exactly a highlight though.

Alcohol of the Arrogant King B+: 4/5

As I have said previously, poison sucks, so it will be ignored. The 8 star demerit is also fairly huge. With Semi as your DPS, you’ll probably be sitting on around 15-25 stars on most turns. Losing 8 of those is a lot.

having said that though, the 50% buster resistance debuff is amazing. That’s essentially a teamwide 50% buster buff that lasts for 3 turns on a 6 turn cooldown. Whether you’re using it for herself, or as a support buff for another servant, this skill is brilliant.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon EX: 4/5

The AoE buster NP on an assassin is the main reason why you want one of these two. They are unique and rare, so that gives them a 3/5 on their own.

The NP damage buff isn’t very important, however the 20% defence buff is quite nice. Since Semi’s NP gain is so good, you should pretty much always have this buff active, so that’s a little extra bulk for you. Do note that it’s completely worthless in farming though, which is where you’re going to be using her the most. In that case it would only be a 3/5.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon (upgrade 1) 'EX': 4/5

This upgrade does basically nothing other than give Semi a slight boost in damage. Buff removal resistance is just too situational for it to be worth anything.


Imperial Privilege A: 2/5

I actually hate Imperial Privilege, and would not complain if it was just wiped from the game. The buffs are insane, 40% attack and defence is really good. The heal is nice, a free 3000 HP every 5 turns is really nice. The god damn 60% chance is an awful mechanic though. It fails way too often, and absolutely cannot be relied upon. To be honest, it could probably be considered a 3/5 skill, but I’m docking a point because it’s so infuriating.

Golden Rule (Wealth and Body) B: 5/5

If I was tasked with picking the best skill in the entire game, this would be on my shortlist. It just does everything. I gave Semi’s Double Summon a 2/5 on the NP gain alone, so if you stack 10% NP per turn and 1000 HP per turn on top of that, it’s just insane. Using this skill, Cleo can easily charge her NP from 0-100%, and with a little luck (honestly not an unreasonable amount), she can do it twice. Two NPs in 3 turns because of a single skill, which also negates said NP’s demerit, and gives her 1000 HP in healing is god tier.

Protection of the Goddess C: 4/5

Invincibility on a 6 turn cooldown is already worth a 3/5 in my opinion, so also providing 20 stars is just a nice bonus to help you do a little more damage. It shouldn’t really be relied upon, but in some cases, those stars can actually be used to seal a quest. On top of that, it has debuff clear. Debuff clear doesn’t come up all that often, but when it does, it’s really nice to have.

Uraeus Astrape A: 3/5

Again, 3/5 because of how rare it is. The buster buff on overcharge is definitely nice, but a little extra damage isn’t super impactful. Any bonus that the buster buff has is removed by the 1000 damage demerit. Honestly, I don’t understand why they decided that this was necessary.

Uraeus Astrape (upgrade 1) A+: 3/5

I’m kind of conflicted between the 3/5 and the 4/5. Nullify buff can be really good, and in those cases then I’d absolutely push this up to a 4/5. It’s situational though, and when it’s not important, it’s basically worthless. If they’d have also removed the demerit, then I’d have bumped this up to 4/5 in a heartbeat.

I don’t think I can really add anything else after these two posts. Make sure to tell us who you end up rolling for.

By the way, Cleo does have another banner in February, during the Winter Festival. I have seen some people suggest that we might skip that banner though, since I believe that it was related to a Japanese event. If you were going to resist picking Cleo because Eresh is coming up, then just wait, and roll for one of them after Eresh. None of the CEs that are on Cleo’s banner are especially good.


cleo looks cool Id pick her

I think I am going to go with Cleopatra. I think her self-sufficiency is nice and I also have Ozy’s third skill maxed so I can guarantee her Imperial Privelage. Also I nearly have all of her mats. Thanks for the info everyone I appreciate the help.

If you want to kind of “test” Cleo out before you dedicate yourself fully to her, I can temp add u to my fl.

I got her at NP3 and skills are maxed.
Don’t want you to go all-out to get her and end up finding her underwhelming. Cuz even at NP3, sometimes she feels weaker than she should be.
If u wanna test-drive her for a bit, here’s my friend code:
IGN: Psi

Edit: if you do send a request, just @ me with your ign so I know who to accept

IGN: Kai

Look Semiramis is a pretty awesome servant.

But is the any better servant to listening to this while playing FGO than Cleo?



Please return all Servants to the parking lot at the end of your test drive.
Failure to comply results in a fee of 1500 QP and 25 hours of community service (slave farming QP for me)