Who should I E2 next?

I’ve only E2 Silverash so far and I’m not sure who to E2 next. I’m new so I don’t really have any idea of what I may need.

#1 Hoshiguma
#2 Siege
#3 Nearl (since you don’t have Saria): I am E2ing her during these days as well for the same reason
#4 Ptilopsis
#5 GreyThroat (since you don’t have Exusiai)


Thank you for your advice!

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That guide gives a decent breakdown of what get the best benefits from E2. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you have a lot of operators that get big immediate benefits form E2 like Silverash does - Hoshi, Siege and Nearl are all good, but mostly for the extra stats they get from higher levels and skill mastery.

If you haven’t already, focus first on getting everyone you use regularly to skill 7. After that any of those 3 are decent choices, but look up any new operators you get to see if it’s worth putting your current on hold to go for.

I would recommend not E2-ing any one until you have built up more E1 for your core roster

My opinion is maybe courrierif you dont have myrtle… not because of meta or what not but… sometimes you cant bring SA to the battlefield… and sacrificing one of your slot only to enable E2 support is… idk…
My myrtle carried me hard on this CC. Since sbe is essentials i always brought her. And since she is E2 i can borrow E2 support. That is a huge help… and E2ing 4 star doesnt spend that much resources

I would get either Greythroat, Amiya, or Siege as my next E2. Of course, you have the option to wait until you get a more preferred operator to E2 as well.
During the time where I had few E2s, I would prioritize DPS units first, covering both Physical and Arts, so I can wipe enemies faster. Hopefully by doing so, your other units can hopefully tank less damage and therefore more likely to survive the stage. Another I usually keep in my mind when developing units that day was: develop DPS > develop Medics > develop Defender.
Just my thoughts though, it’s probably not the most effective gameplan but that’s how I like to play it.

Would better get E1 max lvl for some 4* operator first such as cuora since she still useful until later stages. And if for E2 priority imo:

  1. Greythroat (she comparable to exusiai)
  2. Amiya (You will need arts dmg, since don’t have other caster)
  3. Ptilopsis (medic always appreciated)

Hoshi and siege should be adequate at E1 max lvl

I support the other guy saying that it would be best to not focus on E2’ng any of your current units. While it’s good to have a goal, chances are you might pull an operator soon that would badly need an E2–and none on your current roster is such. Don’t get me wrong; Hoshi and Seige are great and worth E2’ng, but they don’t badly need it to shine on their role. SilverAsh, for example, is a top priority for E2 since he really shines with his S3; Seige and Hoshi, on the other hand, works well with just their S2 skills. If I were you, I’d focus first on getting Hoshi and Seige on Skill Level 7 and getting them to their highest level (in preparation for their E2 in the future).

But if you must really E2 an operator, E2 Myrtle first (if you have her) as she will be a great help to Seige. If you don’t have her, E2 Seige first before Hoshi. The reason I’d go for Seige first is because her E2 will allow her to use her S2 more often (thanks to her E2 talent), allowing her to generate DP faster and dish out DPS better. On top of that, the increase on stats will allow her to be a little more tankier, thus increasing her survivability.