Who should I fodder Close Call to

So I managed to pull Mareeta from the recent banner. She is +Atk, -Spd, but honestly I wasn’t worrie about that. TBH I wasn’t planning on getting her, and even if I can make her work, I already got other sword units I can use. So I’m deciding to fodder off her Close Call to someone else. Question is though… who’d be a good candidate to inherit it?

Obviously someone very fast, but I don’t have that many infantry units that are incredibly fast… there are two that I kinda pondered on, but I’m not sure. The two in question are Byleth and Mia.

(Sorry f Mia is a bit empty, I just started leveling her when she got her refine)

Byleth has more merges, more speed, and also Distant Counter, which could give her potential to be a good user of it, becoming a mixed wall that can retaliate against both up close and ranged units.
Mia on the other hand has some additional perks with her new refine, which also gets its effects based on her speed compared to her opponent’s, giving her better bulk along with true damage added on top of it, and the Atk boon means she’ll be able to hit harder too. That is, until I can pick up a Speed boon copy of her, but that ain’t guaranteed.

So who do ya’ll think should get Close Call?


I’d definitely say Byleth tho

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F!Byleth seems like the winning choice in here as you gave her [Distant Counter] which can help her take on any range enemies with more safety.
She has a bit more speed and the [Creator Sword] which can make fairly strong defense combo :thinking:, in that case maybe give her a [Brazen Atk/Def] seal and probably [Ignis] or [Bonfire] :thinking:

Mia is good as well but with her refine it’s best to focus on offense :thinking:

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Simply don’t. With the right skills and the will to build her, she can become a beast.

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My experience with Close call on a galeforcer was dummy good so I’d recommend using close call on a glass cannon galeforcer.

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Galeforce Athena :feh_bigbeauty:

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Well as I said, I don’t really need her. I already got a bunch of other sword units, and I’m honestly not very huge on Mareeta to begin with, so I’d rather give her skill to someone I know I will use often.

Well Byleth does happen to have Galeforce on her, lol.

Reading all these over, Byleth seems to be the best pick, so I’ll give it to her then.