Who should I give Deluge Balm+ to?

FYI I am in the middle of reworking Emmeryn’s build that is why its not optimised right now.
Mercy is my primary Healer for my competitive team because she offers good defensive support and is S support level with my favorite unit.

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Pls don’t kill Flayn or Saul for any of these characters :catcry:

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Flayn is safe Saul is not. Never has been.

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If it’s a Saul sack I’d go for Emm

Grab that staff along with the Balm and she’s clearly the more offensive of the two generics

Camilla is never gonna use anything other than her Prf so killing him for just the Balm is wasteful (and sadly, you can’t get the Balm+ and Odd Recovery 3 off him because you need two slots for Deluge Balm and Deluge Balm+)

Mercy has the second level from when I gave her Tannonbaton+.

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I really wish they came out with Odd or Even Recovery as a seal so I could make a broken Double recovery healer.


Sadly even in that case you can’t grab the plus version of the staff, Odd Recovery 3 and the Balm+ all at once

Still, since Odd/Even Recovery are the best unique healer skills, she’s arguably the best choice if she’s already got OR2

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Hey who knows, it might happen eventually.
It would indeed be broken.


Seriously as soon as I saw the Even version come out I was like shit that would be a kill combo.


Wow so evenly split.
6 say Mercy
3 say Camilla
1 Emmeryn