Who should I give R Dual Infantry?

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted in while since I took a little bit of a break with FEH. Now that I’m back, I have a question. Who would be the best unit to give R Dual Infantry to? I have a +1 Marth and a +10 Tiki. I know that Marth is probably a better support unit in arena but would Tiki score higher? I’m still a bit confused with the whole scoring system for arena. If anyone can share an updated video or source explaining it thoroughly that would be great.

If they are using R Duel Infantry BST is not an issue. It’s the SP costs of the skills. Marth is far better because Arena is all about cheerleading your bonus unit.

Edit: Forgot that merges affect score. If you merge up Marth to +10, they will score the same.(I think)
Marth is a support unit which makes him perfect for arena.


Well… I really like Helbindi, so it’s not a character I’d fodder lightly

But Marth the right pick.
He can be a great pure support unit for Arena.

M!Corrin and Tharja are also good options for support units in arena.

Marth would be the better support unit if you’re planning on getting him to +10. But if not, then give it to Tiki. Merges are much more important for scoring than BST so there’s not much point putting a duel skill on a +1 unit.

https://www.arcticsilverfox.com/score_calc/ is useful to play around with different builds and see how it affects the score, though it doesn’t seem to have updated to include R Duel Infantry yet.


Exactly this. Arena needs that cheerleader support, which Marth, Male Corrin, and Eirika are all good candidates for.


Someone you have at +10

If you do not have a unit at +10

DONT even consider foddering this skill to them it will be a complete waste. You don’t actually need support units to function in arena. You can make anyone a support. So give it to Tiki

This ones right


I quasi-second this. Merges are most important if you will fodder this skill. (Also, fodder a rally atk/def, say, from LA Eliwood, who’s grail available, and pick up rally atk/def+ while you’re foddering the duel)

If you will merge Marth, give it to him. If not, give it to Tiki.


image https://media.tenor.com/images/0fb22f50abd4a69fdd0a03d908ac0637/tenor.gif


Right now I’m debating between buff bot marth, triple chill lilina, or an all purpose utility olivia.

Marth is nice, but he is already 160+ bst. I prefer using these kind of skills on units that have very low bst naturally, in that case I would give it to Olivia or Tharja. Other good candidates: M Corrin, Eirika, Lilina, Silvia.

2 of the other candidates you listed also go over 160 bst with merges. Going up 2 bst bins is actually a significant change in score and can be the difference between going up a tier or staying.

@Silashe1218 in your case, unless you plan to merge up Marth to +10, fodder to Tiki. As RoyAhoy said, it’s a waste to fodder that skill to anyone who isn’t +10 merged, as merges affect arena score a lot. Anyone can play a support role; you just need to adjust their skills a little.


That is not true. In fact, for an optimized arena team, going up 2 bst bins on ONE unit is equivalent to ZERO extra score. Depending on the rest of the team skills/merges it may mean 2 pt loss in score AT MOST. It will never be more than this, and most of the time it will be 0. If you don’t believe me try it in the arena score calculator:

How many arena teams are fully optimized though? Not many except full on whale teams, as the bonus units are constantly changing. Cores should be as strong as possible to get every single advantage they can, especially during seasons where the score ceiling is higher, such as earth season with Tiki and fire season with Hector.
And if you’re fully optimizing your team, chances are you’re already using some duel skills with other units. If you’re serious about arena, there’s little reason to not use them imo.