Who should I give spare Flashing Blade 4? Or should I merge perfect IV +Spd/-Hp Thrasir?

Happy new year for the FEH community of Gamepress.

So, after embracing that FEH gave me more thrash than other gacha games that I play and I should just enjoy it for what it is, in a hilarious twist of fate in the recent banners I got duo Marth, Tikis, +1 Winter Tharja and a caineghis with my tickets, and in less than 200 fp2 orbs and the cheapest pack of the new year (now saving for the Azura one) in the legendary banner I got perfect IV Celica, 2 Thrasir, 2 Peonys (merged because waifu reasons) and 3 Edelgards (two +Atk merge, one still on the edge if merge or fodder).

And so, I ask the experts: of the following units, who should have FB4 from the spare Thrasir? Planning to sacrifice a summer yglir for Flashing 3 to inherit the smoke skill as well. Main team, depending on the challenge map, are Legendary Azura, Peony (love her design and support), Performing Azura, +1 Eir (failed to get more merges), +10 Adult Tiki, +1 Edelgard (guaranteed follow up attack per initiation is disgustingly satisfying), +10 Nino and Tharja, +1 Legendary Alm, and +1 Fallen Tiki.

-Tharja: After giving her a chance like some of you told me last time, I managed to finish without guides some abyssal maps on my own with her using the cheap fury 3, desperation and fb3 seal. And with summoner support she is fast with my legendary Azura buffs and +Spd IV. And with the swift sparrow seal it should be more of a powerhouse.

-Nino: A bit faster than Tharja without flowers and summoner support, but lacks the refine that Tharja has, which is a huge deal because it made her survive hits in the abyssal maps that I thought she would die of (There were debuffs, obviously). Still, she is a great green unit and has served me well.

-Karla: With summoner support, my +1 one would have 44 spd, and if I use flowers, she would get +46, plus buff from Peony and Azura she would get +53 visible spd, not counting Peony’s cardinal buff. And her true damage weapon and all that. Not as viable as the other two because merge potential, but still, I would love to use her again. Specially with a paired Brave Lucina.

-Merge her: With it, Thrasir would reach 44 spd, and she deals a lot of damage after finishing some infernal maps, and since she would be paired with two dancers and Eir as a debuffer most of the time, getting the debuff from her weapon would be irrelevant unless facing harder maps.

I appreciate your opinion, and thanks for your tips.

P.s.: What should I do with the cat lion Distant Defense 4? Although I like the character a bit from path and radiant dawn, I rarely use armor units because their mobility issue. I know Peony can help but not really interested in building him. Thanks again.

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Eh, I don’t really see the point in giving it to Bladetome units.

Karla I can see using it for being able to stack true damage with her prf weapon, but if merging her is an issue then you can always try Athena.

Merging her is also good if you wanna use her in Raids.

So my choice is Karla or Raids, going from the choices present.

If you care at all about AR then merge Thrasir 100% she’s so good and flashing blade 4 isn’t even that good. Panic smoke is alright and very good on abyssal carries, even in AR it works but pulse smoke generally works better

The only person where Panic Smoke is better than Pulse Smoke is CC B!Ike because he already is so tanky he can outright resist enemy specials (other than Altina’s).

Honestly the altina special alone is enough for me to use pulse smoke (if I had it lol). Also it does help with IP teams too

Not sure how that helps though. Unless Altina is using QP, she doesn’t use her special on B!Ike in her first go around, but if B!Ike doesn’t 1RKO Altina, if she is danced, she will ult and kill B!Ike on her second go around, even with Pulse Smoke. The only way to potentially survive is Panic Smoke with L!Eli buffs, but B!Ike if fully invested can actually 1RKO Altina.

You should merge them anyway.

Honestly, it’s best to merge this too. It’s a brilliant unit. One of the best green tomes in the game. And every merge up to about +5 really matters.

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Athena is a great user of it. This a build I’ve been considering, even using Luna for a special with special spiral (FB4 still gets use by obtaining the initial charge, still allowing the second hit to trigger Luna by overcoming guard effects, and still dealing true damage). However I’d recommend sacrificing a S!Ylgr for FB3 to pass on FB4 and panic smoke from Thrasir.

Hey, that looks very similar to the build I was thinking about.

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Don’t fodder Thrasir. Keep two copies for AR-D and Mjolnir’s Strike scoring, or merge one up as much as possible. She’s the best Mythic.