Who should I grail and who's skills should I level?

Got 4 grails and gilfest has given me so many mats that I’ve become indecisive on what I should spend it on. Who would be the objectively better grail and skill targets? The only thing is I dont plan to level merlin and skadi’s 2nd skills or dantes 1st skill higher than 8


Just in case the entire thread that @Recks linked is TL;DR (wouldn’t blame you, I’m surprised it took off as much as it did), I’ll try to summarize:
It’s very difficult to be objective about grail targets.

Even if you’re one of those players that grails purely for gameplay, you need to first consider which Servants you’ll actually be using frequently and will benefit from the Grail.

For instance, I could tell you to take Tomoe to lv 100 just to make her hit harder or so she can take a bit more damage before she dies. But if you rarely use her, that’d be a waste of 5 grails.

So, first, determine what would merit a grail, whether it’s because you like the Servant or you want to get the most out of it in play. This includes lower rarity Servants who could get quite the boost from a single grail, such as Arash and Spartacus. Then, determine who it is that you actually use a lot or really, really like.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a handful of Servants, then we can give you objective pros or cons to grailing each SErvant.

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If you don't have starry eyes when talking about Servant X, Servant X is NOT a grail target for you. If you never have starry eyes, keep your grails.


please do not actually attempt to put stars into your eyes, they tend to have sharp edges and could cause damage

As for the original poster, just check out the thread that was linked, that’ll give a good amount of general advice that can help you narrow down your choices a bit and then it’ll be easier for us to give more direct advice once you’ve narrowed down the options.

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Do not grail just because someone said you to.

First, lets be clear: you dont NEED to grail anyone, you could hold that few grails for as long as you want, its not like you have something like limited store for grails. If you have overflow of exp shards, just invest in servants that arent maxed yet… for example, you havent maxed Mash, and she’s amazing, invest in her if you dont care for any other servant.

Now, everyone is going to say “Grail for love”, and thats the best answer IMO. But if you dont have a particular love for a lot of servants and you have an overflow of resources, the only one among your servants that I see as grail material is Dantes; you have Skadi, so he should be one of your main, if not THE main DPS. And as a DPS, he would benefic from the extra points in Attack stat. But being honest, I dont think that any of your maxed servant is a great candidate for grails; grails are better for low rarity servants that get more levels per grail and suffers from low stats problems.

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Both Goddesses speak the truth.

I won’t speak for grails
But will for skills since you did ask whos skills to work on
Judging by your roster you don’t really need either of these per say but you can’t go wrong with working on their skills.
Cu chulians. He functions better with those skills up. And can be used in more situations. The same can be said for any of those beserkers who’s skills are available. You have 2 of the biggest supports . Put those beserkers to use.
For instance atalanta alter. Raising that steroid improves her over all performance. But yiu do have penth grailed so I’m sure that fills your st zerker needs. But from my experience atalanta is a good investment for skill levels.
Also since you do have skadi pretty well set. Why not work on ishtar’s skill levels ?
You have able candidates from both sides quick or buster so you’re good either way. It all depends on play style and which unit fits your needs the most but those are just my 2 cents. If anything else work on the skills of those you have grailed.