Who should I level next?

Getting to the point where most of the servants I wanted to use are leveled already, so I’m wondering who I should level next (either to prep for future events or to just fill some gaps in my roster i’m not seeing)
First off, What I already have leveled:

And what I have partially leveled/Unleveled:

I also have most (if not all) of the 1-3* servants, most of which are NP5 with hte exception of i want to say Bedivere and Caster Cu.
Any advice?

Gotta go with stheno, Amazing synergy with eurayale.

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Finish levelling Ridertoki.

Though you do have Ozy maxed, debatably Ridertoki is better even now and only goes even further up once Skadi drops.

I’d also give recommendations to Helena for np charge support and either Saberlot or Vlad so you can run some arts memes.