Who should I make 6 star next?

I have been playing the game for about a month now and I only have 3 level 60 characters. I was wondering out of these characters I should pick.
*ml tenebria
*ml coli
*ml chloe
My team right now is dizzy,ml Aramintha,and rule of light .This is my first time making one of these soo any feedback will be appreciated.

Id say Luna since she has high crit rate from her S2 when maxed and can help on wyvern hunts for atk gear grinding, she can also allow 3 man teams for said runs so itll make leveling a fourth member easy. 2 birds, 1 spear :sweat_smile:

Depending on your farming capabilities, I would suggest starting with Vildred, then moving to Luna and others.

With an optimized Vildred, you should be able to have him solo tank most content with a full team of fodder for general use leveling (Silver & Gold Phantasmas, plus a 2-star). This will drastically boost the speed you’ll be able to promote characters moving forward.

If you are already set on that front, Luna has the highest damage potential and is a critical player in Wyvern hunts - so as @RNGSlayer777 states, she could be great for filling out a team and making farming / leveling on Wyvern an option instead. At level 11, 3-manning with a fodder here would likely be more beneficial than anything Vildred could do.

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