Who should I summoner support?

  • Finn
  • Leif
  • Líf (when he comes out)
  • Aversa
  • Morgan(M)

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I have had it on Finn but I have some character I want to support so I don’t know

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Your AR carry


Aversa would like as much HP as possible

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From your options, Aversa. But the right answer is your AR carry.

You can easily change SS every week. Just auto-battle chain challenge book I, chapters I & II 4 times (the first time you SS a specific unit it will be 8 times, after that it will be 4)


Before AR I just supported who I wanted at any given time, but now I give it to my AR carry each week because they need as many stats as possible

Saizo in light season, varies for Astra


Ah well. Options are 1. AR carry if you care about ar. 2. Arena core (one of the unit’s, the best one) if you 3. Your favourite unit, if you aren’t too competitive. I got OG marth as summoner support

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