Who should I try and summon first?

Who should I try and summon? The all powerful and badass Edmond Dantes or everyone’s favorite kohai BB chan? Because right now I may have a few sq left but it ain’t that much, so yeah…

Really hard to make that call without knowing the rest of your roster. But really if you prefer one over the other, that’s a good way to decide.

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It really depends on your team. And if you don’t care who to summon, better save your SQ and go for Waver later this month.

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Well if it helps, I have skadi which can significantly help dantes, and that’s why I’m having a hard time to choose between the 2

Oh and thank you guys for replying, I’ll keep your answers in mind thanks! :smiley:

Since you have Skadi and in case you care a lot about gameplay/want to make farming a joke: Go for Dantes

If you want to roll for Waifu-reasons alone: BB is the way to go. Her 3rd skill is a nice niche and fun to use at times. But she’s far from gamebreaking.


That’s the thing, I can’t decide if I wanna go down the waifu route or the farming route…though I might just go for the waifu route and just save up more sq for dantes next year

Hi OP,

If you can post your roster, it would make it easier for people to give suggestions :slight_smile: But as you mentioned you already have Skadi, I’d lean more to Dantes than Summer BB.

BB is good at making you win harder, meaning if you already have a support + strong DPS, BB makes it easier to lock in brave chains for 3 consecutive turns. However, as a DPS herself, her damage is a bit on the low side, bringing neutral damage against most enemies though her NP charge skill is very good.

Hope this helps!

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Ah thanks dude! This did help a lot in making me decide :smiley:

Aight, I’ve decided I’ll just go and try my luck at summoning dantes and then I’ll go for BB next year

I’m in a similar predicament only I’m debating between rolling for Dantes and saving for Waver’s banner. I think I might save for Waver as even with Skadi, I don’t think I have the mats necessary to level Dantes and Waver would be more beneficial to my roster.

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Oh yeah…mats…damn…grinding for mats, especially for 5 star servants is indeed hell

The bane of us all indeed. Well, whatever the case, best of luck to you.

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And to you as well :laughing:

Good thing about Dantes is, that you “only” need Mats for his 1st and 2nd skill for farming purposes. :fgo_skadismug:

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Look at it this way: BB is for waifu, Dantes is for farming. But this game is 95% farming. If you have Dantes, then 95% of the game is done, meaning you will never face this predicament again for the foreseeable future. Waifu is everything, but Dantes is the ultimate wingman.

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Damn, I haven’t thought about it that way…well then its set, Imma go for dantes first.
Thanks ma dude

It’s not all gameplay too. Even if you’re into eldritch abomination AI kouhai, Dantes in his costume and animation update isn’t hard on the eyes either. He might not be the friendliest of servants, but you can depend on him when it counts. Plus, you might like his story arc in the summer 3 event. Plus again, no one said you can’t get both this year even if the probability is low. Plus again again, you still have the rerun next year for the real last shot at summer BB if you still want her.


Plus again again plus, there’re also the GSSRs for either.


If the choices are Dantes or Waifu, then it’s clear what you must do: