Who should receive Petal Parasol+?

Hey everyone!!

Since Summer Fiora was a giant disappointment (in my opinion, i was hoping she would be a bit more min-maxed), I am going to fodder off her sword to a sword fighter.

Immediately, my thought was to give it to Marisa, the best girl. However, I also have Heart’s Blade on her, which makes this decision very difficult. I see Heart’s Blade as the best sword in the game, given the conditions are very easy to hit. However, I want to mess around making a very offensive F2P sword unit.

Who do you think would fit this weapon the best? Thank you!!


The beautiful sword boy in my pfp will make any weapon you wanna give him work if you let him

Otherwise basically anyone that can consistently debuff with smokes, chills, ploys, and the like

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I knew you were gonna say Tobin when I saw your pfp, and that you replied here


Also, to answer the question, just give it to a sword user you like

And I knew you were gonna say something so I included some more plausible advice

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It gives +5 attack and speed against a debuffed enemy, right?

  1. Someone with high HP for running Panic Ploy
  2. Someone with high resistance to run Ploys
  3. Someone that is on a team with a unit that’s a debuffer
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Don’t forget about Sabotage skills
They’re rare and take up the B slot, but are very consistent at putting down debuffs

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