Who to 10+ merge

Through extensive farming of HM, I went from 60k feathers to 140k. I’m looking to have my first +10 unit.

Ideally, I’d want a unit who could score well in Arena areas.

I currently have a galeforce built Eliwood at +1 and a Cancerhardt :feh_reinyes: at +4. A Nowi at +1, but I am waiting for a good Breath skill to give her.

I’ve been recommended to built an Echidna whom I have at +res and the rest as manuals. For AR and Arena. Also, an Altena for the BST. I’m not in a situation to merge grail units however. Only around 500 grails.


I’m afraid unless you already have a unit at 5*+3 140K Feathers isn’t going to make the cut unfortunately. It takes 220K for 11 copies, potentially more depending on the number of 3 star copies.

Eliwood and Reinhardt both don’t score well in Arena due to lower BST, Echinda, Altena and Nowi are all fine though. The former especially for her great versatility in pretty much every game mode. Depends on what you’re looking for most.


Echidna is very good and versatile, would recommend.


Would it be worth building Echidna with Guard Axe? I still need Repel, DC and IP. I do have IP fodder though.

Sorry, I guess I didnt add in the fact I am still farming. I went from 60k to 140k in around 2 days. 2 days more, could be at 220k, two more, 280k, etc lol

I loved Nowi since I first got her back in the beginning of FEH. If building her is a good idea for BST scoring, I’d like to give it a whirl. However, i have a Lchrom that has that “treats as if 180 in arena” thing and hes been pulling my teams.


I mean Hack-o-lantern does the exact same thing, so it’s really a matter of preference. Guard axe sinply wasn’t out when I gave it to her :feh_lucyshrug: and keep in mind that this is just one build for her, others like @GVader @MrShinyGyarados @TheEternalShade and @Salt_Guardian_Leaf all have completley different builds for example. She’s very versatile.

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Compared to the other two she scores the poorest, but if you really like her then she can work. Chrom does have that like other Pair Up Legendaries, but merges make the biggest difference so he needs a fair few of those to outscore a +10 Nowi.

Like Halo said, they’re the same weapon, one was just seasonal-exclusove before the actual Guard Axe was added, and you don’t have to take any single build for gospel, especially for someone as versatile as Echidna. Also as Halo said, there are many users with a wide variety of builds. My build for her is

If you want some other easy-merge units who can be useful, I could recommend (with examples):


A versatile, easy-merge sword unit that can fill most any role you give her.


A solid Dancer who can double as an antimage, opening up another unit slot.


One of my favorite offensive flier units.


Another favorite flier of mine that’s easier to merge. More specialized tban Cordelia.
Note: this is my goal build, I do not have this build just yet.


I have like 5 different builds for her right now, 1 including Hack-o-Lantern… so yah that statement is like 500% the truth


What method did you use to farm?
Just curious since I’m very dry on feathers

She does seem like a great versatile unit. I did like the repel skill because that’s what I wanna do with Bike at some point. Give him Close Call and make him sorta speedy for more dmg reduction.

I prefer a playstyle where I can either put a unit for bait and get other units in position, or rush in with a unit like my Eliwood and get galeforce off to sweep some units. I currently use Bike to bait units with his tankiness.

With that said, I do love the builds everyone came up with. I may invest in her because I want a good tanky defensive unit for my Dark team on aether defense. Bike is currently my Light lead unit.

I do have a cordelia similar to yours. I just get nervous with strong units that use bows like Lchrom and Llief

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Would you recommend I 5* a flame emperor to fodder off the Guard axe+ to Echidna or pull dorcas with grail, 5* him and fodder the axe?

Mainly asking if it’s worth to keep Flame Emperor with her (ope) large BST I’ve been hearing.

While I work (desk job) I use an auto taper to have my eliwood galeforce his way through a Rival domain map, hit the fort, letting 1 unit get hurt enough to Escape Route to him for the 2nd fort hit and a 3rd unit to Wings of Mercy over for the 3rd hit.

That gives everyone 5 Hm per map. Nearly 20 HM per minute, over 1k an hour if you keep it set. I get over 5k per hour I’d say.

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Easy, Reinhardt.

He was my first ever 40+10

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I would be HARDTbroken if you did not merge le Rein :feh_reinyes:

Also, Eliwood is pretty good as well. Do they have lower scores? Yes. But on one hand you have objectively the best unit in the game. And on the other you have a unit that can get a weapon refine that was released on a Legendary version of the character. So in my book, it’s snow contest! I’m sorry

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Wait duo Alphonse and duo Ephraim are spelt weirdly when you say them

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Ah, that’s just me being an old schooler. Back in my day, when we didn’t have all these fancy duo units with there extra stat depletion abilities, we had to fight with our wits. Battles were hard fought, and originally IS even penalized us for using those infamous cav units. But finally, our voices were heard, and IS lifted the ban of our favorite heroes, those that stuck with us, even when the times were trying! Since then, I have kept those very units by my side, even in the face of these God’s that are created daily, even those units built solely to try to break our bond! Imagine, that same force, gifting those riders there life to live, would even go back on that promise, genetically altering those heroes to be the blockade to our domination. Imagine, your favorite unit taken from you, because he was so strong others had to be created to stop him.

So, in conclusion youngster, this road has been a long and tiresome one. These old boys aren’t who they used to be, no. They still grow, yes, and are formidable in their own ways. Just know that mine could still wip your Ephraim or, who did you say, Alphonse? My, I see he finally got of the bench! Haha, well good for him, I’m happy to see he’s doing well. All in all, it’s not about whether they have the best stats really. I mean, I know you probably understand that as well. These new units, they have no passion behind them. You think people use them with the same fervor that people used those units in the past? I personally don’t think so, and this is coming from a man who saw a pineapple dominate the scene until he was William Telled of that high post. Hehe, those were good times indeed…

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The old pineapple days

I remember them well

Truth be told Rein is still a contender. He’s a good unit even now. Just not quite the best. I see where you’re coming from

And also

Ah yes those days of pineapples and reins…

Nothing I could describe them as save smart gameplay

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