Who to add to my roster of Elite 2 folks?

There are so many different and fun operators to use, but I am having troubles trying to find another one to add to my roster (excluding Pudding, but I have to wait for them to release).

This is my current roster of people I have promoted to Elite 2: (Yes, I know I need a Marksman Sniper)

Now, I am trying to choose one of these operators that would be a good addition to my current roster:
(Choose at most three.)

  • Blue Poison
  • Meteor
  • Archetto
  • Chiave
  • Indigo
  • Folinic
  • Blitz
  • Savage
  • Frost
  • Manticore
  • Beanstalk
  • Vigna
  • Tsukinogi
  • Conviction

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(I do not expect anybody to choose Conviction)

Like you said, the only E2 you “need” is a sniper, and both Archetto and BP are good choices there.

I also picked Savage. She’s not as strong as Blaze or Spectre, but she’s still very good and fun. I recently E2’ed her myself : )

For the others it depends on which characters you most like. I think Manticore and Beanstalk are probably the most unique?


Still no E2 Coura? Make her a priority… Gummy also another choice. A healing defender with good hp and defense.

For AA archer the 6 star is quite good with her S1 and S3. Pair her with Kroos to keep kokodayos going

Specialist usually niche, the only one useful is fast deployment like Gravel, Red and Phantomm.

For AOE sniper - Shirayuki S2 had art damage to shred armoured, and Meteorite for bombing.

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I completely forgot about Coura, I’ll be sure to Elite 2 them as soon as possible!! Thanks!
For maximum Kokodayos, pair Kroos with both Archetto and Ch’en!

Archetto is technically better dps wise cause she’s a 6 star but BP is still my pick because she was an early pull for me and a staple long into endgame her arts DoT is amazing and sure made her much less crucial in that area but she’s still a cheap strong Sniper that can eat through high Def enemies due to the arts poison instead of becoming ultimately useless like most snipers.

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To expand on the snipers a bit more, I would usually recommend having 2 good marksman snipers. If you do eventually raise both Archetto and Blue Poison they work really well together.

Archetto’s talent gives SP to other snipers with offensive recovery skills, making them activate more frequently. This works with Blue Poison’s Skill 1, and even Kroos’s S1 as someone else mentioned.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the 5 or 6 star marksman snipers, though April fills a bit of a more niche role than the others.

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