Who to build next?

Hi! I was wondering who among these 5 stars are worth E2ing?

Platinum is a good sniper, Amiya is a pretty serviceable caster and is good against Patriot. Red and Glaucus are also useful units.

Crucial 5* worth E2ing:
Nearl (For CC or medic ban challenge)
Platinum and / or Greythroat (you’ll need at least 2 anti air snipers build)
Liskarm (Her talent makes her worthy for more stats)
Meteorite (unless you want W, you will need at least one aoe sniper)
Amiya (Good boss killer against patriot, and might see higher potential at ch 8 spoiler)

E2 for fun/niche/at leisure (if got extra resources):
Projekt red (Higher dmg, esp when M3, makes her a more reliable assassin)
Glaucus (Useful wide area bind)
Bibeak (Her kit ain’t jaw dropping, shines at M3, but it is something unique…)
Executor (True aoe sniper that penetrates medium armor enemies)
Broca (Powerful arts dmg, can attack behind operators or walls)
Astesia (Consistent melee arts, good def)
Leonhardt (Consistent aoe caster that lowers res)
Manticore and Cliff heart (If you enjoy playing stall strats)


Absolutely nonbiased opinion - Meteorite :kissing: :+1:

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Thank you for the information! I’ll go with meteorite and platinum!

Depends on your rosters need. My top 3 picks are:

  • Amiya. She’s the MC; she deserves it. Besides, her E2 Talent will let you spam her skills.
  • Meteorite. That added range is very good at Anni 3. And IRC, E2 will double the procc chance of her talent.
  • Indra. Coz her E2 will give you Clue 5. And that’s on top of the fact that she’s a fun operator to use.

Do you have any 6 stars?

If you do, I would say that the above responses are all wrong/inaccurate.

If you want to maximize your team, you would want to level whoever that seems to fill in the weak holes in your team.

The best one to upgrade is the one that can benefit your team the most.