Who to choose from the Fan Appreciation Permit

These are the operators that I use a lot.

I am having a really hard time deciding who to choose from the permit. I was able to narrow it down to two operators.

My current choice is between Bagpipe (for quickly deploying operators) or Eyja (for her ability to melt enemies out of existence).

Please note that I also have 412 Gold Certificate, which complicate things even further for me since this means that I can buy two 6* operators. So I’m also trying to avoid getting an operator from the permit that might come to the Certificate Shop soon in the future (I have no idea who would be next).

Which operator do you guys reckon I should pick?


Well, given that Bagpipe is a newer operator, Eyja has higher chances of showing up in the shop before Bagpipe does.

But since we also don’t know what upcoming Standard banners will look like, it’s hard to say if Eyja actually will get the shop slot before Bagpipe gets her turn.

Best to choose who you know you will use or need more because you never know if and when you’ll get them.

If it helps, the 6* Permit doesn’t expire for a long while, right? When CC#3 comes in a little over 2 weeks, we will be getting the Joint Operations Banner.

In case you don’t know the specifics of a Joint Operations Banner, these four 6* Ops are the ONLY 6* ops on the banner. No matter how many times you roll, any 6* you manage to get will only ever be one of these four. It’s only a 1 in 4 chance (though that’s after considering the chances of rolling a 6* in the first place) but it’s a chance to get Bagpipe. Downside is you already have two of the four ops on the banner.


The problem is that, personally, I find Bagpipe and Eyja to be both equally in need in their respective roles.

Taking my “frequently used operators” as a base, if you were me, what would you go for?


Tbf, either one could work.

You have several operators capable of high burst damage. And you already have both Myrtle and Elysium E2ed, plus Texas for that extra 2 starting DP if you bring her often enough.

Eyja provides either consistent AoE damage with her S2, or burst damage with S3 like SA.

Bagpipe enables faster start ups, especially combined with Ely or Myrtle.

I can’t really offer more advice than this since I’ve no idea of your preferred play style.


I don’t know if you made a choice already, but the great thing about this choice is that you’ll always be able to find the other one on friends support anyway.

I think Eyja is the bigger gameplay advantage, but Bagpipe is a very good as well.

As for who is likely to show up in the shop - From this you can see that Eyja’s had 2 shop appearances on CN and only one on Global, while Bagpipe hasn’t even had one shop appearance yet.

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