Who to choose? Skadi or Mordred (Rider)


Ok. Now the Summer banner have arrived, I can finally summon Mordred for my Summer lineup after I missed her for last year summer banner rerun. But I am in a crisis as Skadi banner will be arrive in 2 more months and I have stock up a lot of Tickets and SQ (which is 50+ and 400+ estimated respectively) just for that targer Caster of mine. Should I really open the forbidden Pandora’s Box just to summon Mordred?

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Skadi’s importance and capability is so far above mordred rider that this is not even a question.

Waifu is not even a reason too since Skadi has way bigger … than mordred.


Keep something in mind while you try to decide, Skadi will be back. Summer Mordred, as far as we know right now, will not. If you really want Surf Mo you should probably consider putting at least a few tickets toward her, but that’s up to you.


Skadi will come back next year, Mordred will not come back, if you want Surfdred is your last chance

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Fact check, with the SQ + tickets you have will give you a 67% chance at summoning skadi, if RNG is a prick you might not get her at all. Also her banner will arrive in 40 days at maximum, your decision is up to you.


Depend on your favourites i think?
Modred Summer not gonna come back so iirc this is your last chance to summon her.

Both are good for your team, modred have potential Art NP loop and skadi for quick support.

Maybe spend some ticket?, around 1-20.
And save the rest for skadi?, but tbh the decision comes back to the one do you like most.

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I’ll go for SurfMo now and Skadi later, who knows… Maybe I’ll get SurfMo with the 1st ticket I throw at her :smiley: and save everything else for Skadi


We can only hope, we can only hope…

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Surf is 4* so you can get her easier. Many people setup her NP loop 3 turn to farm phoenix feather.

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If you wanna go with waifu material then yeah Skadi is good but you forgot to add Mo-chans tomboy factor into the mix.

We’ll get another dump of sq when skadi banner hits with the total login bonus increase, so that should mean you can spare a bit for mo

Roll for Surf Mo, you have a higher chance of getting her and Skadi will be back. Use you tickets/SQ, get Surf Mo and use the remaining on Skadi. With terrible rates for 5 stars, you don’t want to be in a situation where you didn’t try for Surf Mo, missed out, and then not even get Skadi.

Go for higher probability (4 star vs 5 star) and more limited banner first.

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How many logins do you have? Everyone gets a rather large amount of SQ and tickets for the anniversary assuming everything goes the same as in JP, and with the login bonus changes everyone also gets 10 SQ per 50 day logins beyond 100 as well.

As others have said, Surf Mo doesn’t show up again for at least two years minimum, likely longer. If you really want her, join me in sacrificing SQ and tickets for her!

Let’s just call them… face cards