Who to E2?

I’ve been playing for a month now, and I’m confused on who to promote next. I did Silverash and Schwarz first because I absolutely love their designs, but now I’m stuck. I was also thinking on maybe doing a 5 star instead of 6 star.

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If you have enough resources and based on your pic: Eija, Exuisia, Lappland.
But i recommend you a healing defender like Saria or Nearl for your team.

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Unfortunately I have neither of them. I figured I’d go for Eyja since she seems really overpowered. Thanks for the advice!

My votes go to

  • Exusai
  • Lappland
  • Projekt Red
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If you are keen to stick with 5* like you said, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those options.

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I’ll just put this here but Ptilopsis’ Talent doubles at e2, so she’s a pretty strong competitor for that e2.


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Her talent goes from charging 0.15 sp per sec to 0.3 sp. A minor buff but against real grindy maps that increase in SP charge will start to stack up.

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That does sound useful. I was actually planning on doing Ptilopsis first, but then one of my friends recommended me to E2 my damage dealers so I got really confused. I’ll do Ptilopsis after Eyja then.

Well if you want to play CC effectively, I’d sooner recommend having 2 to 3 operators of each class at e1 like 3 snipers, 3 guards, 3 vanguards, 1 myrtle for sure, so on. Gamepress has a really good guide describing contracts used in CC and how to clear risk 18 easily, the link is -