Who to get this year

I am new to fgo. I started late December last year. I already have Gilgamesh, Scathach, Minamoto no Raikou, and Semiramis for SSR. My SRs are Ryougu shik(NP3 for now), D’Eon and Caster of midrash. My 1-3 stars are Andersen, Georgios, David, Arash, Euryale, Ushiwakamaru, Ceasar, Robin, Cu(Proto), Medea and many others. I am not really sure which SSRs to go for this year. Any reccomendations?. Also blew everything trying to get either Shiki(Saber) or Asagami Fujino. Got nothing good

Well the obv answer is Skadi but just look up FGO banner list 2018 and see what you like

Thats the problem. I have seen who I like but the list is pretty damn long and i am now broke.
The list includes Cleopatra, Cu alter, Okita(normal and alter), Skadi, Sherlock, Amakusa, Okada izou, Altera, Hang, QUetzalcoatl, Valkyrie, BB Summer and Jeanne Archer. Someone please help wittle down this list.

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I’d say take a look at
Ivan the Terrible (Rider)
Skadi (Caster)
Shi Huang Di (Ruler)
Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)


3/4 are LB Kings lol


I thought Achilles was better than Ivan

Achilles is more for the general contents while Ivan is more for the harder one

What does any of what you just said mean

Chapter 2 stuff, you’ll get it when you get there

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Personally influenced by https://www.twitch.tv/videos/528187926?t=02h43m01s

PS: Starting of the top 5 video if you’re interested on some perspective on LB kings https://www.twitch.tv/videos/528187926?t=02h34m56s

Skadi, Amakusa, Valkyrie, BB Summer and Jarcher and Okita are my picks. Honorable mention to QSH, although if interested in his solo potential can be a pure skip.

Izou is pure luxury. Sherlock is little different long-term. Cleo too. Cu (Alter) has outstanding solo potential but you literally do not need your own for that. Altera is pretty meh.

Skadi’s a top-tier support, Amakusa a remarkable neutral DPS, BB Summer can enable nice burst turns (but is still something of a gimmicky luxury pick), Jarcher has a very nice ceiling farming-wise (although falls off if unable to enable her whale (heh) like comps). Valkyrie are solid generic farmers.

A non-zero number of units listed can technically appear at any time too (Valkyrie, Altera), so keep that in mind.

I’d call Achilles in his best comps are better than Ivan in his, but both are strong picks at worst.

IMO watch their animations, look at their dialogues, look into their personalities to most effectively whittle them all down for your personal tastes, and then make up new barometers for enjoyment, and keep making up new standards until you’ve got a small list of tops, though.

When you say Okada is luxury do you mean he is useless?

Nah, he’s actually pretty strong far as R Assassiners go, and grailed (lol grailing purely for gameplay) can be somewhat competitive with Shiki (Assassin), kinda. But one, Limited R rate-ups are disgusting (hello watching people roll 300+ SQ for like NP2/5 Izou), and two Shiki exists and is free and you can get her literally right now no big issue even if the KnK grind can be a bit of a slog.

He’s good, but in the grand scheme of things, not especially noteworthy, especially if you don’t aim for NP5 since you’re still dealing with silver Assassiner stats.

Cleo is fantastic for what she is and what she does, but AoE Assassin is a luxury pick to begin with, at least in the current and known future state of the game in NA. You already have Semiramis, and while their kits are very different, they mostly compete for the same spot (inb4 anyone makes a case for support Assassin being a real role). Semi’s nod to support is, IMO, the fact that she can clear one wave herself and use her 3 to boost allied Buster damage on a subsequent wave.

Cu Alter is a great all-around unit, but he sees less use when your roster grows and when you spend more tome focused on farming. I love mine, but he gets neglected a lot these days.

Okita Saber I have but don’t use yet.

Skadi is…Skadi. Enough said.

Sherlock isn’t a priority pick unless you love him. He’s amazing within his niche of defeating almost all enemy defense gimmicks, but otherwise he’s skippable. I love my Sherlock, but I could live without him.

Amakusa I love and have pampered to death with grails and now with gold Fous. The way that most players use him (as a pseudo-support) however, makes him an okay wave clear with an occasionally useful buff dispel. Many CQs feature buffs you can’t remove, so his niche has been eroded a bit.

I’m cutting this short because it will take forever to finish this list, and I don’t have direct experience with JP Servants. Jeanne Archer, though, has absolutely terrible ATK; her main value is in Arts looping. I wouldn’t pick her for gameplay reasons unless you were prepared to support her properly with Tamamo and/or her usual Arts/NP gain buddies.

Okay thanks for all this. I am now aiming for Amakusa, Achilles, Archuria, Jack, Okita, Skadi, Huang and Skadi. Anyone I should add back?

In terms of coverage given, Skadi, Okita (also Jackie but I prefer Okita on a personal level), Amakusa, Achilles and QSH altogether give a pretty broad reach.

Good luck with your rolls.

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No Waver recommendations? I’d recommend him alongside Skadi as their utility goes beyond Class coverage. Their 50% NP charge is a QoL change for farming while allowing more versatile comps for more challenging ones. Having your own also allows you to go for other units in your friend list you don’t have while still having access to their support.

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You don’t have gold rider yet so I recommend Ivan and/or Quetzalcoatl. Although there is Summer 2 Rerun and GudaGuda 3 where you can get Ishtar Rider and Sakamoto Ryoma, respectively. Both are good welfare rider.

First thing first, get gold servant for each class. Then complete your roster by AoE and ST NP servants.

He is general pool, at least - not a guarantee he’ll arrive any time soon, I know, but it’s there (although he did arrive just like that around May last year, before I started my whaling habit in earnest).

Hence, if budgeting is a key concern, narrowing choices down to limited 5-star would be advisable - except if affinity toward ones you further narrowed your choice down to - Achilles, Jack - plays a role and you aren’t willing to wait.

Because she lacks a hard duck-and-cover button? While I am certainly biased - I wouldn’t be here if not for her part in Fate/Extella - she is a dependable ctrl+delete button for zerk/lance waves, single targets too if her NP is lined up for a braev chain of hers. And, with her currently available interludes and rank-ups done, with enough crit-amps and stars sent her way (made easier by her magnet) and buster-up on top I’ve seen her put out respectable enough neutral damage too. Christmas 3 CQ, to be exact - at lvl 98, 2xHero Creation on top and NP3 back then, to be sure - now at lvl 100 NP4, so bound to be even better.

Then again, she is general pool, so the same applies to her as to other 5-star available outside specific rate-ups - if affection/character loyalty doesn’t play a big enough role, RNG may eventually send her your way (she was sent my good Master Zaynab’s way all of 4 times from general pool so far, at any rate).