Who to give Atk/Def Menace?

I got a free F!F!Morgan during my free summons in the Fallen banner. I don’t care about her Dive Bomb since the only unit I have who wants the skill already has it, so it will really be Atk/Def Menace that matters. For this, I immediately thought about my Sothe :

The synergy with Broadleaf Fan is obvious, yet amazing. It allows to setup his weapon by himself and gives him tons of firepower. it also allows him to give him a decent physical bulk, which is good to have.

That being said, I thought of another candidate who would also greatly appreciate the skill, and that’s my seliph boi :

As you can see, he’s a part of my Arena core and the Menace skill would not only give him even more atk than he already has and some appreciated bulk, but the debuffs can also help my other units, which could be very useful. While Seliph has the “Arena advantage”, Sothe may also have it soon if IS release C Duel infantry 4, especially since he already has the lv3 one.

So at the end, who do you think should get Atk/Def Jojo Aura Menace ?

  • Sothe
  • Seliph

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Seliph since he’s already in your arena core, and Menaces are definitely more useful in arena than AR

But imo, hold onto it for now since there’s a good chance of us getting CDI4 at some point. You don’t have to fodder right now


I’d at least wait for Sothe’s refine before even considering him.


Yeah, as I was writing the topic, I started to think that Seliph would probably be the best candidate overall. While the skill is definitely amazing on Sothe, the problem is that it relies too much on “if”. It would be best on him if CDI4 actually gets released (soon at least), if I actually manage to pull it through Colorless hell and if it works with an eventual Sothe refine (I haven’t thought about this point).

I’ll wait at least until the Bridal banner to see if CDI4 gets released there, but I’ll probably end up giving it to Seliph, as it would be a fun and very useful tool in Arena.

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Your Sothe is just about exactly the same as mine, and I strongly considered it for exactly the reasons you gave. However, the possibility of inheriting it AND Dive-Bomb at the same time strongly suggests saving it for another flier.*

Therefore, I’m planning to give both skills to my semi-merged Farina, who also uses the Menace to activate the full condition of her Catch skill, a big win all around.

*Yes, I know other units will come out with Menace skills too, probably in the near future, in which case this doesn’t really matter.

** F!F! Morgan is a pretty strong unit for a one-off, in her own right


I voted for Seliph. I was in a similar position putting it on my Xander, but when push came to shove I focused on Dive Bomb for my Caeda. Stacking invis buffs just seemed better overall, so I stayed away from it. If you give it to Seliph, it would be cool to hear if you like it better than JDR.


Another person who wants to put it on Xander :feh_navarreculture:

I didn’t pull so I shall wait for F!F!Morgan to come home another day

Also welcome :fgo_ereshwoah: