Who to give Atk/Spd Solo 4

Got a garbage IV fallen corrin, so I have some free atk/spd solo 4 to throw around!

I looked at all the units with recommended atk/spd solo 3 and found a few candidates. Hit me with them THOUGHTS

Fallen Young tiki (+atk/-def)
-shes top tier from my understanding, currently running brazen atk/spd

Hilda (+spd/-res)
-Already has atk/spd solo 3 so I could give rouse spd/def

New Years Laevatein (+atk/-hp)
-my chip-damage healer, currently lacking a good A slot

Amelia (+spd, +2 merge)
-my fav armor unit, currently running swift sparrow 2

Brave Veronica (+atk, +1 merged)
-already has atk/spd solo 3 so I could give rouse spd/def

Spring Marisa (+spd, +1 merged)
-I know she’s trash but I love Marisa and want to make a good build of her

Alm (+spd/-atk, sitting on a manual)
-wanted to build him for a while, and quads are fun


Someone who can get NFU too


I also have my Ross +10 project going, but I could only give him 1 or the other. The only 2 units I have with atk/spd solo 3 are Hilda who already has NFU and Veronica who doesn’t need it

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Atk/Spd Solo 4 is only 1 extra point of atk/spd and it isn’t worth wasting NFU for it. So unless you’re able to inherit both skills, just hold onto him


Yes, you don’t want Fallen Male Corrin for Atk/Spd Solo 4, you want him for Atk/Spd Solo 4 + NFU 3, or even only NFU if you’re in need of it. Atk/Spd Solo 4 by itself isn’t worth it.


Gotcha. He’s just the first decent fodder I’ve gotten in a while ■■■■■ you lugh) so I thought I’d use him

I would give it to whatever unit you use the most who could make good use of it, otherwise hold onto it. If you put it on a unit just because it would make a good build and never use it, than you’ve wasted a unit.


Definitely inherit both skills. The only reason to use the solo 4 skill over 3 is if you’re inheriting NFU anyway, or if you really need a tier 4 skill in the A slot to hit max Arena score. Even then, if you’re not inheriting NFU, it’s mostly a waste.

I know your pain

(My current Lugh copies and all the times I’ve given Rally Up Res+ away)


Tailtiu with the Flashing Blade seal and fodder NFU too

Any of those are fine but honestly the difference is so minor from the tier 3 that you’re far better off using it strictly for arena purposes. Who are your current arena units/projects?

my dude just merge the poor kid up already

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Rally up Res+ is too good of fodder to pass up when he’s basically 5* exclusive nino with some extra res. Also, I’m looking for a good green tome GHB/TT unit to give Gronserpent to.

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F!Tiki wouldn’t be bad, but I’d probably only fodder it if it’s only a merged unit and/or on a unit you use a bunch. As mentioned above, if ya ain’t going to use the unit there’s not much point in wasting such valuable fodder.

If you’re going to give it to Hilda give her NFU instead. Rouse Spd/Def is found on Ferdi.

NY!Laevatein and Veronica can’t NFU and unless you’re merging them up to max(Or use heavily) I wouldn’t recommend Atk/Spd Solo 4.

Running a Solo skill on an armour that isn’t Ephriam is interesting… I suppose if you fodder a L!El for her C skill it isn’t an issue.

Never used S!Marisa so all I can say is unless you use her a bunch I wouldn’t recommend.

I could see Alm using it well with his weapon. Definitely merge him to get rid of that bane though.

All-in-all, seeing a lot of low-to-no merge units and I’m not sure on how I feel on that. Could just manual him and wait until you’re for sure on a unit you’d love it on.


They’d give her Rouse Spd/Def because Hilda already comes with NFU. So she’s not worth considering.


Huh. I don’t have one so I didn’t know. Then at that point I’d say hell no to foddering. You get an additional point in Atk and Spd and a skill that comes from a unit you can promote? Absolutely not.

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We do have Picnic Leo. Good mixed bulk makes him a solid user of Gronnserpent

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