Who to give DC?

So I have a -def +res Hrid that I want to fodder off, I already have a +atk -res version but I’m not gonna merge them, and I want to know who I should give DC to. I mainly plan to use them in AR Astra season.
Option 1:

Option 2:

The general AR Team

The last member for H!Myrrh

The last member for Sigurd

  • H!Myrrh
  • Sigurd
  • Don’t do it.

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My main squad’s highlight is a DC H!Myrhh.

Plus, she has an effective def/res of 57/46 with Surtr’s Ward Armor support, and her only counter is high Atk dragons, because against mages, she has 50 res. Archers are the worst off, going against an effective 61 def.

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H!Myrrh if you plan on getting a few merges for her. Otherwise keep Hrid.

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Yeah I think I’ll go with something like that.

At least H!Myrrh’s got good visible res, especially with a boon. Though Sigurd’s base weapon and B skill will help him tank magic better than other low-res sword units.

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