Who to give SS3 + S/D Rein? Among other questions

Been checking my fodder reserves late tonight (was trying to grind out HM) and noticed a few things I wanted to ask for second opinions on.

  1. Who should I sack my Duo Lyn to? I don’t have plans or desire to merge her up (i’m saving up for Duo Idunn as a Duo project if anything), so I’m thinking of either Caeda or Seteth to get her skills.


  1. Which Manuals should I spring for with my manuals? I was debating between Adrift Corrin for NFU Xane and +3 Sigurd/Special Spiral Norne (who has access to Spendthrift and Close Foil)

  2. Is Lugh worth building up in any way? I got two of him, one was +Res, so I wanted to see if he was worth strengthening instead of Rally fodder for Arena score. Same goes for Mikoto as well, who can hit +2 if I chose to let that happen that is, otherwise I’ll give her staves to Elise and Brady.

Thank you in advance, and I’ll see you in the morning

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  1. definitely no bias here Caeda! :feh_flaynsmile:. Besides she’s already +10 with flowers so…

  2. SS on Norne is… eh. I wouldn’t go for it. NFU or NCD or a lull is better imo. So that leaves the NFU path. Besides it comes with CC and blue flame.

  3. Not really. He’s pretty much just rally fodder tbh. Mikoto is alright I guess but her staff is pretty juicy fodder.


Caeda needs the extra damage more, but Seteth will use it well too. If you factor in his supportive capabilities and how he’s expected to be near his allies it might turn out to be more useful on him. Also he’s much more futureproof assuming you want to +10 him and he’s best boi, don’t listen to Nobody :feh_ashepeek:




Bias wars, Sweet Prince :fgo_meltpensive:


Okay sobered up from sleep now. Probably gonna wait to decide until Lyn’s HM is maxed out (a trend I need to start doing since I’ve been bad about grinding it out), but since I have other SS3 options I might just give it to Caeda, since she seems to hit the most optimal kit with the Rein compared to Seteth, who would want to stack Joint Drives, especially if I plan to use him in Arena.

Kind of a shame to hear about Lugh and Mikoto, but I’m gonna keep them around anyway for HM grind so I may as well wait and see. Maybe I’ll get a +Spd Lugh, and we’ll get a cheap Gronnfox user to give to him.

I’d still love to hear more input from other users, though!

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