Who to have as the second refresher?

Main Team:

Refreshers in Mind:

With Olivia, I can run triple chills (with neph’s chill atk), and I can have a decent green armor breaker.
With lazura, I mean, it’s just better support plus three tile movement, albeit visible buffs. (for arena purposes, iote’s shield would be switched out for b duel flying)

L!Azura offers the single best refresher support in the game so I would go her over Olivia. If all else fails, L!Azura can run two chills as well and then Atk Tactic in her C-slot. The only niche Olivia has over her is easier merging and armorsmashing ability.


With only 17 def iote’s shield is kinda useless. I would switch that out and then use her.


how often have panic skills ruined your supported units? Or do you just smartly manoeuvre away from panic bearing units and continue on?

I just maneuver out of the way. Sudden Panic can kinda suck but if you keep them separated and use tactics you would be fine.

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Also if you dance a unit hit by Panic, they won’t be affected by it anymore for the rest of your turn.

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how do you mean? panic effects aren’t negated when a unit is refreshed, are they?

Panic lasts throughout a “unit’s next actions”.
So if you moved your unit, they have completed their next action and the Panic status gets removed. So if you dance them they won’t be affected by it anymore and can still act.
It’s a strategy that’s often used in AR defense to get rid of Panic.


ahh, now i’m seeing why seeing refreshers in ar is cancer goddamn :feh_disgusting:
but good to know, thanks!!

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In terms of refreshers (when attacking):

L!Azura > HS!Michiah = Reyson > YT!Olivia > F2P Dancers

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