Who to level up next?

Hey there!

As you can see I have quite a wide variety of non levelled servants (top photo) mostly because I’m quite new (I’m a fish) and because I work full time.
I have managed to get my husbandos… I mean favourite servants up to level 100.
I will be making my Nito level 90 and when I get her, my Assasin Nito to level 90 as well.
I’ll be focusing on getting Caster Nero when summer comes out and then Eresh from Christmas.

If anyone has any good ideas on who to ascend and level next, please help, there’s just too many to choose from!

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ok kintoki, where are the not golds?

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Level both tama and mama raikou as soon as you can ,they can carry you through 90% of the hard content


Keep in mind there are some great 3* and below servants that will make your life a whole load easier like Arash and Spartacus for farming, Hans and Mash as support, Cu for last stand etc…

Tamamo is essentially the premium arts support, you can’t go wrong with her (she and a support waver can np loop with your Kiara in the right setup). BB is also a fantastic support.

Raikou is a good farmer and will earn you a lot of friend points for newer players with farming.

I notice that you don’t have any lancers leveled. In that case I would reommend Eli (AOE who also provides nice buffs for females) and Vlad (ST who is even better against Evil enemies who are fairly common).

In general, try to have at least one ST and one AOE of each class levelled, along with your best supports.

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I would say level up first tomamo who is a great support for your arts like kiara and saberlot and even BB.

Then I would level Saberlot I love the dude and he is NP 4 and grailed to 90 no regerts

I approve of your grailed DIO :sunglasses:

All five stars are worth raising, regardless of their rank in the tier list. They’re definitely worth the investment. I suggest you raise Arjuna, Tamamo, Hijikata, and Raikou eventually.

But that doesn’t mean that lower rarity servants perform badly! Most of them are really good and you should definitely raise them. I don’t see Mash in your caps and if you haven’t already, max out her level and skills. She’ll definitely help you in all sorts of hard content. Some other lower rarity top-notch servants are Hans, OG Cu, and Euyrale.

Jealousy intensifies - uhum, great, great line-up right there, and great prospective picks for further grails.

As was pointed out, going by what class appears to be missing among your premier line-up, the obvious choice to level up would be a couple stickpeople - of those you listed, both Eli - congrats on getting her to NP5! - and Tepes would be natural picks: Tepes can taunt on the side too and you’ll get a lot of mileage out of all-girl teams with Eli’s sadism :fgo_rinlaugh: up, so do raise her and get her rank-up done ASAP. Try borrow an additional Eli some time too for additional memery. :fgo_illya:
Lower rarities would be equally good, too, however, provided they got NP-levels. Taiga in particular is a solid, reliable bow-breaking lass once her NP hits that much harder, original blue Irishman is also a popular pick among 3* to level due to his durability.

Other than that, further choices on who to raise can be made based on card-buffs: foxy lady will be fantastic for your arts-users, chief among them Salvatrix Mundi, Nito and, should you decide to raise them, Captain Purple and best Douji as well. If you got him, think about raising Leon too and finish his rank-up to unlock War Cry, great boost to your buster-quartet Gil, Ramses, Ina & Francis across several turns and doubles as a taunter. Speaking of taunts, Lips-lady and Georg would be nice to see fully maxed too, they can positively make single target-nuking bosses a breeze.

Either way, whichever way you go, you’ll have a blast with your crew, I have no doubt.

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since a lot of people are recommending tamamo: do keep in mind that while yes, she’s fantastic, she is also a very high investment servant that you’ll want to max out on her skills (3>1>2 priority) asap

so if you lack the mats to get at least the third skill up to lv 6 (preferably lv8 minimum to start, imo), it may be better to put her on the backburner and focus on someone that doesn’t demand skill levels as much. or that does that you simply already have the mats for

oh, and it should go without saying, but if you do decide to raise tamamo, DO HER INTERLUDES

the buffs they apply to her np and third skill are a pretty substantial part as to why she is considered as good as she is

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Thanks so much everyone for the recks, it’s been so difficult choosing which ones to do next as I don’t have much time to burn in the game because of work, so I usually stick to whomever I like the most (which is why I focus on my 4* and ups, I do have Kid Gil nicely done up (level 70) but I got Gilgamesh and ditched him.)

I’ll be leveling Tamamo up first then go from there, I won’t be able to get her skills up to max, haven’t been able to do that for any of them :sob: As I’ll be focusing on Summer Umu.

Good luck on your summons! And so hyped for the new chapter!