Who to pic out of the TOTP

I have all other operators aside from these. Curious which I should go with out of the Top Operator Transfer Permit. I was thinking Rosa, Saga or Shining.


Thanks for any help :P

If you have all the operators you did not list, I personally would not buy the Top Operator Transfer permit in your shoes. If I already bought it, though, I would personally go with Rosa as the long-range bind is pretty unique.

Lol I bought it for the 10 roll trying to get Irene lol

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I am biased against Shining, because she was my first 6* from the newbie banner, and my first 6* to reach potential 6 lol (Thanks to her being in Top-operator recruitment pool)

From the other two choices I lean towards Rosa, because she is more hands off operator and Saga requires much more micromanaging, but that’s just me.

From the other listed, I recommend Pallas. She is great in IS2 mode as a carry or a support operator.

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thanks for the info. Ill have to look into Pallas for IS2. Wonder if she will be good in future IS?

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Yeah try lending her from someone on your support list first. I did, and then was happy for getting spooked with her on GG banner.

When starting a new run she is a great first pick for me. I like picking the Guard, Supporter, Medic starting tickets:

  • Pallas (Guard)
  • Orchid (Supporter)
  • Default medic

No idea how good she is in IS3, I try not to spoil myself for it. I feel like IS2 has an attack speed meta which favors her Skill 1 (on attack recovery), and later Skill 3 if she finds a good buff target.