Who to pick: Ifrit or Seige?

Just got Top Operator tag in Recruitment.

And here’s my roster:

I’m leaning on getting Seige since I don’t have a 6* Vanguard yet (and my playstyle is to use all my 6* as much as possible). However, I can definitely make use of Ifrit for me to clear H6-3. What would you pick if you were on my stead?

Ifrit is great, but her range is kind of awkward to fit in many maps. Plus, you already have Eyja who moonlights as an AoE caster. Siege will be more universal and really useful in the coming CC#1. I’d pick Siege.



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Hm hmm…hard choice. You’ve got Eyja so you’re kind of set for casters on 90% of missions, but you also have both Texas and Zima so you’re not hurting for vanguards either.

Since neither fill any big gaps you have, I’d go with Siege since she’s a bit more universally useful, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a mistake to go with Ifrit.

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You’ve got quite the all-star cast.

Ifrit has an extra tag that guarentees her, so if your playing loooooooong game, Siege is the better option.

Gameplay wise, Ifrit can win maps on her own and has the potential to make all your other operators stronger.

Siege is always going to be useful but only really shines when strict operator number restrictions are in effect.

I love both and use both on pretty much every map so there’s no wrong choice here.


I selected both Debuff and DP-recovery tags along with the Top Operator and let fate decide who I will get. The result: Seige.

Too bad I didn’t get Iffy, could really use her. The good thing is I’m closer to my collection goal! My dream is to build a a functional squad with only 6*. Thus my dream team is as follows:

  • Seige and Exu as Vanguards (Vanguard in the sense that you deploy them first)
  • Saria and Angie as Healers
  • Saria and Blaze as Tanks
  • Schwarz and Eyja as DPS
  • SilverDaddy as backup

That’s 8 units all in all, the typical limit for regular maps. Hopefully Angie and Blaze will come home soon.

Ange won’t be healing as much as a healer/healing defender would. She’s mainly used to heal the occasional hits remote operators can take imo. You’ll be much better off building dedicated healers to e2 for when Saria isn’t enough.