Who to prioritize for summoning?

So I’m going into orb saving mode with currently 27 orbs. There are a few heroes that I want to summon for that I missed the first time: Legendary Celica, Soiree Ishtar, Bride Fjorm and Valentine Faye. I know that last one still has their banner running, but my luck has been so bad trying to get her that I’m just giving up right now. And of course there’s Choose Your Legends 4 in mid-August. The only one I plan to +10 is Faye to make up for failing to get her, but I don’t need to get all 11 copies in a single banner. Which of these units should I prioritize summoning for?

Bride Fjorm is only good for her Prf, and it’s purely situational. Keeping one enemy from being danced or swapped is useful, but tough to eliminate one of your offensive units specifically to guard against that.

Soiree Ishtar is useful with her double hits and dancing, but unlike Reinhardt she has awful defenses.

Valentine Fae is just a better Halloween Jakob. I’d personally fodder her bow to someone I’d use more. However, her with brave, bold, and am ignis or glacies is frightening, so I’m on board with pulling for her.

Legendary Celica is great in my experience. Built in null follow up and desperation, and res punishing like Alm has def punishing. She’s saved me from Surtrs and L!Tikis more times than I can count. So I’d prioritize her, if only for the Ss4 and Atk/Spd Oath fodder.

Ok. You have very limited orbs as of now.

My super biased answer is B!Fjorm.
My unbiased answer is L!Celica

L!Celica comes planned on legendary banners, which means that you have a guaranteed time to get her without relying on reruns. I like Fjorm and B!Fjorm is actually quite powerful as a support unit in AR.

I’m assuming your summoning for the unit not the fodder. Going by logic, L!Celica is the only one who has guaranteed run time. Therefore you should go for the unit who has the highest opportunity cost. That would be S!Ishtar and B!Fjorm. Because V!Faye is a new and powerful unit with good fodder, IS gets more money selling her and thus will put her on more banners (probably). V!Faye should not be summoned for if you want to +10 her, because you will need more than one banner probably anyways.

In terms of power alone I would say


In terms of who I personally think you should save for first and who you should prioritize


I always summon for the unit. I tried summoning for fodder a few times and it never went well, even if I got the fodder I wanted.

And I’m well aware that I will need more than one banner to +10 Faye.