Who to raise?(most return in investment)

I see yet another FGO player has joined the AK ranks. :rofl:

A lot of advice was already given but let me add one more, or rather let me expound a bit more on something others have mentioned already.

Similar to FGO but also better in a way, the low rarities in AK are pretty good in their own way. This is because many operators fall into specific ‘Archetypes’ such as “Anti-air Sniper” or “Ranged Guard”, and so Operators in the same archetype can more or less substitute for one another with little difference in performance during the early game.

Unlike in FGO where a level 50 5* Servant has better stats than a level 50 1* Servant , a level 50 3* Operator has more or less the same stats as a level 50 6* Operator, assuming, of course, that they are of the same Promotion level.

So if you’re lacking in resources and such, a low rarity would give you better immediate returns (much cheaper to raise and promote to E1 than higher rarity) so you can progress further and get to the better farming stages so you can then work on the more expensive high rarities, who are often more of long-term investments.

A few of the stand-outs I can see in your roster are:

  • Melantha, who has exceptionally high ATK stat for a 3*, surpassing even high rarity Guards.

  • Cuora, easily one of the tankiest of tanks in the entire game

  • Vigna is another operator with high ATK and has an offensive-oriented skill and Talent that makes her a great pick for a starting Vanguard. Although she only gives you DP if she kills an enemy, DP-on-kill Vanguards like her will refund the FULL DP cost of deploying them, so you don’t really lose any DP by deploying her or anyone with her Archetype.

  • Lancet-2 may not have high stats and is limited to low levels, but the fact that Robots don’t use up a Deplpyment Slot means you can drop an extra healer even when all the deployment slots are used. She also heals ALL your ops by a small amount (higher if her Potential is raised) when you deploy her, so it’s a good emergency healing option if you need it.

  • I notice you dont have her, or maybe you just haven’t leveled her, but be sure to buy Gavial from the Credit store (she alternates with Courier after you buy him). Her second skill works as a semi-AoE heal, which is great to use in a pinch.

  • Perfumer, as an AoE medic, doesnt heal as much per attack when compared to to ST medics, but it’s good for healing multiple ops at once. And her Talent gives global passive healing, so even operators outside her range get a small but continuous heal as long as Perfumer’s on the field. The amount is small but sometimes it can make all the difference.

  • Shirayuki, and AoE Sniper in general, don’t often see much use due to their slow Attack Speed, but they are useful on stages with lots of tightly packed enemies. In addition, Shirayuki’s second skill allows her to switch to dealing ARTS damage, letting her bypass the enemy’s DEF stat completely, making it great for tearing apart high DEF enemies. Though in turn it will be affected by the enemy’s RES stat but mostly it’s enemy Casters who have high RES but then they have low DEF in turn, so her regular attack will be more effective on them when her second skill is inactive.


The best ROIs for you are still the 3* and 4* operators as mentioned by some people above.
Believe me, don’t ignore your lower rarity operators - if you must, prioritise the essential 3* and 4* operators first (as some alr mentioned) and ignore your higher rarity operators (5* and 6*) for now, for the best ROI.

3* and 4* operators are dirt cheap, investing in their E1 promotions and skills earlier means accessing and clearing the toughest supply stages (CE-5, LS-5, etc.) faster. The highest-ranked supply stages are more sanity-worthy. The faster you can clear them, the more sanity you’re saving in the long run (resource search supply stage is an exception, farm according to your needs). Don’t be a dumdum like me who farm CE-3 for too long.

Besides, there are rumours of the new roguelike gameplay event coming to EN soon. It’s basically a gameplay that highlights the usage of lower rarity units where 3* and 4* operators can shine, and doctors who only focus on their 5* and 6* (with poorly developed 3* and 4*) would have a harder time. Think of your 3* and 4* investment as a long-term investment for this kind of event.


I had to re-read the rogue-like information again, I missed that the Hope was for recruitment in addition to promotions. So yeah, people who ignored all their lower-rarity buddies are gonna have a rough time.

ahh I see you play AK as well, wanted to try it out for some time and since I finished LB 3 and just waiting for quetzmas I think this is a good time, iirc you lent me your dantes back then right? thank you for that(unless I’m mistaken or something :rofl:)


Been playing for several months now and I dont see myself dropping it anytime soon.

Can’t remember. I just remember that I likely added you through one of my Recruitment Threads from way back then. :sweat_smile:


If I make a priority list, I’d go with:
SilverAsh -> Shining -> Spectre

Though if you in dire need of defender (because I don’t see one, not even Liskarm or Nearl), Spectre can go as priority 2 because she blocks 3 at E2 while also being good DPS.

I do recommend E2 at least 1 of 4* in every class and archetype for beginners. Their materials are far easier to farm (the gap of rarity of materials jumps real high from 3/4* to 5/6*)

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Ty, I think I’ll probably E2 a 4* before silver ash
and my screenshots are quite outdated, here’s what they look like now, just slowly crawling my way up

Your goal at the moment should be to get your main team to anywhere from E1 50 (which a lot of them are already) to E1 Max (which is really expensive for 5* and 6*). A balanced team is much more beneficial in AK than trying to let one strong Operator hard carry you the way we can do in FGO’s Part 1 chapters.

Getting an E2 early isn’t really necessary, though it’s good if you need to borrow an Operator from Support since the support operator will only ever be as strong as the highest level operator on the team you’re using. So you cannot borrow an E2 Operator if you don’t put at least one E2 Operator on the team.

A 4* is easy enough to E2 since the level requirements are lower (thus cheaper to reach) and the mat requirements aren’t as hard to farm for. Not a lot of 4* benefit heavily from reaching E2 though. Off the top of my head, Myrtle and Cuora are definitely worth E2ing from a gameplay perspective. But if you really like an operator then you can E2 them if you really want to, much like Grailing for love.


Not a bad idea, since it looks like you’re basically at the point of having all your main team at E1:50. Though I would suggest getting your main 3*s to E1:55 because they get a powerup to their trait at that point, so it’s a more significant boost than you’d normally get for 5 levels.

For which 4* to be your first E2, you do have a few options. Cuora is a good pick since she remains a viable tank even if you get higher rarity Defenders–some prefer her over even Hoshiguma. In the short term though, it’s usually more important to have DPS up before defenders. Vigna, Gitano, and Shirayuki are also solid choices (roughly in that order IMO) since they can all get notable use endgame.

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While E2ing 4* is way cheaper than E2ing 5-6*, higher rarity ops are more versatile in the end. There are some 4* which will carry you for a long time (like Gravel - she deserves to be E2 because she’s really useful; Myrtle is a mandatory E2), but overall I’d just stop at E1 max levelling those you use. You can clear most of the content with non-E2ed lower rarities, but mats you’ll have spent to E2 them will still be spent. And, again, while E2ing them is cheaper, your higher rarity ops want the same mats, only in higher quantities (think bones for someone like Karna or Gil or stakes for Eresh - that’s AK’s rocks :'D). Also, sometimes there are pros at leaving your 4* at E1. Every defender or AoE sniper will get +2DP to their cost at E2, and sometimes for some strategies it’s better to have ops you can deploy faster. And yes, 2DP is A LOT on some maps, and even Myrtle may not be enough to generate enough DP in time to deploy someone who’ll take care of your enemy (that’s from experience).

Also, higher rarity ops have higher stats because their level ceiling is higher. So don’t be in a hurry to E2 every 4*. Mats are still hell to farm in this game, and you need a freaking lot of them. 6* and some 5* get their second talent at E2, 6* unlock their third skill (like the famous Delete button known as SilverAsh’s 3rd skill). They will give you more at their E2 than most 4*.

Not saying 4* are bad, and you shouldn’t E2 them for love. Just think and plan carefully.

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