Who to roll for the rest of 2020 (Pure Gameplay)

As the title suggests, I have no idea who to roll for the rest of 2020.
All the servants that I want is in 2021 (Kingprotea, Kama, Arjuna Alter, Space Ishtar)
But I know that there is no way I can resist not rolling for 7 months straight until Feb 2021 for Kingprotea.
So I am planning to roll on 1 or 2 more servants this year.

My Roster

Notable 5*:
Summer Nero: Go for NP2. No idea why

Jeanne Archer: NP Spam for which I have the required setup to do. I wont/cant get her to NP2 so not sure if this is even viable. But I have Gil so…

BB Summer: Nice mechanics. No moon cancer. But BB is coming back and friend support BB is often enough

Dantes: Double Skadi yay. But NP2 not realistic

Artoria Archer: Fill 5* ST archer gap. NP Spam yay. Santa Altera + double Skadi though

Gil: Go for NP2. Close to max 4* fou. No idea why

Sitonai: NP Spam. But mecha eli though

Shi Huang Di: Nice Crits. Useless class advantage

Quetz: Fill 5* ST rider gap

For some reason I found myself not using Arts servants anymore. Merlin for Buster. Skadi for Quick. I dont have Tamamo for that 50% Arts buff. So I found it to be lacking in dmg with only Waver as support. Bride will get her buff soon so maybe that can help.

Anyway any opinions/advice or share who you are rolling for the rest of 2020 and why.
I know the title mentions pure gameplay but waifu reasons are also welcomed.
Heck I only went into this hell because of Rin/Isthar

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there really isn’t anyone in 2020 left that makes a massive difference to your roster.

Sitonai is probably it for me in 2020. And thats only because cute girl riding big bear

I’m in a similar boat. 2021 is the real deal for me. Rienes and Astrea.
Reines ends up being Waver-esque with targetable 50% charge and a more defensive skill set as a RIDER. This is massive to me. It means you have an party charge option vs Rider bosses that isn’t a caster. Astrea will end up being one of the top tier 4s - borderline secret 5 as she is a very durable self sustaining arts crit servant.

Ya Sitonai certainly has that illya factor going for her (plus that final artwork…)

I will probably roll for Reines after her buff and not at that start.

Astrea though… I am conflicted. I love Luvia but Astrea artwork just doesn do it for me. Now if they give her a costume like her training outfit I would be totally down for it.


I suggest LanLing Wang (4 Star). He’s a solid TRAP with art support.