Who to save for?

In retrospective I am so mad at myself that I did not pour every single orb into the Hero Fest to get more Duo!Ephraims.
He is by far my favourite unit… I did get 2 copies of him, but I could have gotten more for sure. Heck, if I got another one I probably would have whaled for the last 3 copies of him.
Now he’s just sitting at +6…

So anyway, I have a lot of good units as I’m day 1 player and spent some money on the game already. I would say I’m something between a dolphin and a whale.
So the only meaningful units to merge for me are either F2P character, lucky pulls or characters that I will for sure use in arena.

My current core consists of +10 Cormag, +10 Ross (soon to be replaced by N!Hana) and +10 Rutger (may be replaced by Lyon if his refine is any good) + Bonus unit/Legendary Hero.
Thing is, my highest merge on a legendary is a +2 L!Ephraim and +2 L!Ike who I don’t even use anymore…
I also have:
+1 L!Eirika, +1 L!Robin, +1 L!Alm, +0 L!Roy, +0 L!Fjorm, +0 L!Chrom, +0 L!Hector, +0 L!Edelgard, +0 L!Lyn and +0 L!Tiki.

Should I pull for merges on Legendary Heroes so that my Arena game can get better or should I save for more Duo!Ephraims?
It’s a pity really, since Duo!Ephraim will likely not be a focus for quite some time now, let alone a Hero Fest focus…

  • Duo!Ephraim
  • Legendary Hero (elaborate who specifically in comments)

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It sounds like you really like Duo Ephraim, so Duo Ephraim. It’s unfortunate that you missed the hero fest, but I think it has a chance to rerun during golden week or maybe CYL, whenever those take place. He’s also really strong and can score well in arena (correct me if I’m wrong).
There’s also the fact that trying to merge a specific legendary hero is… a unique experience :catroll:
But most likely disregard this if you really want to do well in arena


I’m with moomoo here. Go Duo Eph :catroll:

As someone with a +10 legendary, I can say that it was hell trying to +10 them. :catlie:


This is a hard one to answer. Duo Ephraim is the most unpredictable unit in the game since he is not a seasonal, legendary, or mythic, and he is not in the permanent pool. So we don’t know how long to wait until he reruns, and you could be saving orbs for a very long time. If I had to guess however, his appearance on anniversary hero fest banners may be a regular occurrence. We only have 2 years of data to support this, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to get data for.

Ephraim is an amazing choice for Arena scoring, but the biggest factor in maintaining tier 21 is legendary hero merges. We have alternative Arena core options that are F2P friendly, such as N!Hana, Caellach, NY!Keaton, Ena, Seteth, Mustafa, and even the new Duel 4 skills to allow additional flexibility to your core. So objectively, I think your goal for now should be legendary hero merges. The one you choose is up to you, but you should aim for a banner with multiple options. Colorless on the current banner is a good example, as you can build both a Water core and an Earth core at the same time with Leif and Claude. Look for value like that, and you will seldom be disappointed with the results.


This serves as a reply to all the above :smiley:

Merging legendary heroes is a pain. But the upcoming AHR banner has potential to include 2 legendary heroes in a 4 character banner, which woul be pretty nice!

For now I will start saving and see which charactera will be in the AHR banner.
If its not to my liking I’ll just save some more orbs for the next legendary banner/ Duo!Ephraim rerun :)