Who to spark? (braves rerun)

I did the 40 summons on the braves rerun and Marianne was the only brave i got I have -atk +res copy that I used on January for TT, and I have 3 manuals 1 I got yesterday randomly from the free summon on the bridal banner and 2 in the way to the spark, she doesnt see too much use but is a nice colorless tome and she is useful for limited GHB, she might get a good refine since brave units are some of the best aging units, I also have 2 brave Erika manuals but i dont have surge sparrow recipients for now, I could get Gate keeper to fodder him to Jorge for the close counter with extra defense and joint drive def, Jorge already has close counter and special spiral and is fun to make use of bonfire spam, I could also get Brave Marth but I have like 4 kris manuals so spurn aint needed and his distant counter is not too good with chip damage.

  • Spark Marianne you are getting halfway merging her (or you might get more use of the unity and time pulse on other projects)
  • Spark Marth he is a solid godsword even among godswords (distant spd counter aint too bad)
  • Spark Erika (Surge sparrow is good) why are you using Duo Ephraim when she is superior
  • Spark Gatekeeper (for fodder to Jorge) Bonfire goes brrr

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Sorry for the excess of text.
Also I sparked for the stone and because all units had somewhat decent fodder.


Sounds like you like using Jorge so I’d spoil him

If you’re only using Marianne for Limited Battles I don’t see much point in merging her beyond +1 or +2. Same applies to Marth and Eirika, no matter how good they are. What’s the point in pulling for someone you don’t enjoy using?


I would get GK even if you don’t give him to Jorge.

You already have Eirika fodder, Marth’s fodder is honestly meh, and you also have copies of Marianne.

GK’s fodder is super fun on a lot of units, so easily worth getting since you don’t have any copies Jorge is certainly a good choice, but since he already has CC you can consider saving it for another project.


Jorge is a monstrosity with GK’s kit. You can’t go wrong there <3


Jorge with Close reversal + Time’s pulse + Deadeye

:feh_arvisboneappetite: * chef’s kiss *

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So I followed the advice you guys gave me and yeah it was the right call, He got a nice buff to his bonfire making him more of a Terminator than an actual bot, I might go finish merging him I have been enjoying Arena a little more thanks to him and this upgrade, I have like 5 or 4 extra copies that IS gave in events and his rerun, the artwork for him is nice reminded me of modern rpgs that used drawings instead of pixel art.