Who to summon and who to raise

Hi everyone, I rather a new player, just start playing fgo on february when free sr ticket is given and I choose salter for my free servant, she is also the first servant I have grailed.
I currently hitting the camelot and have a bunch of 3* and 4* my 5* is Hijikata and I got him on first attempt in his banner with one ticket, so my question is can you advice me which servant I have to raise and which banner should I roll based on my roster? ( I won’t roll in GSSR banner whatsover) here is my support set up

And here is my current roster

My mary is np2 bedivere np1 and in my second archive I have beowulf and fionn

Hijikata,Hans,Mozzart(def him),Atalante too Imo and Mash don’t forget about Mash


Welcome to the community

I see that you are a man of culture with refine taste :fgo_moriartysmile:

You have good servants, and take those guys out of the second archive, they aren’t really bad they just sound bad but they work better then the look.
How to summon? Try to get limiteds, we have Brynhildr in rate up, she is a great Lancer, and Skadi the next week, she is limited and is a support, so go for her

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I see that you are a man of culture with refine taste :fgo_moriartysmile:

Thanks, I was quite content with her performance so I decided to offer my first grail to her.

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Hi OP,

You have a lot of good damage servants, my advice would be to fully raise the following (I assume that you will be rounding off the levels for Fujino, Tomoe, Martha and Hijikata):

  1. Atalante (Good AOE damage and produces a lot of crit stars)
  2. Euryale (Charmlock enemy male sabers)
  3. Arash (Best Farming Servant, NP kills him which allows for a free switch in)
  4. Spartacus (2nd Best Farming Servant, also has NP battery charge and berserker typing hits 1.5x damage across classes)

But mostly, you should focus on building your supports to maximize your damage servants:

  1. St. George (Good at taunting to protect your other servants)
  2. Mash (Similar function to George)
  3. David (1-Turn Party Evade, good for dodging enemy NP)
  4. Mozart (Art Up and Crit Star Bomb)
  5. Shakespeare (Buster Up and 20% Targetable NP Charge)

Hope this helps, OP!


Thankyou!, Yes I also feel my roster is too offensive, so which banner do you recommend me to roll?

Two banners are coming up with 1 of the big 4 support casters (Waver, Tamamo, Merlin and Skadi):

  1. Skadi banner is this/next week: Skadi is the premier quick support. She has Quick Up and 50% targetable NP charge. She will pair well with your Atalante.

  2. Waver banner will be in September during the Fate /Zero event. Waver is a more general support. He can provide 20% NP charge to the whole party, and a total of 50% NP charge to one member.

Hope this helps!


This. With your grailed Cu, Atalante and even Medusa you’ll see excellent results. Even with Non-Quick centered Servants you’ll see a major improvement in your team comps thanks to her DEF Down and her 50% NP Charge skill.
Also it will benefit you a great deal to raise those farming gods, as previously mentioned:

Edit: I also corrected the typo in the title because I’m a stupid grammar nazi or something. Flame me in the comments.#AuthenticatedUserAbuse

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Tfw someone uses the Nero NP Sr ticket on an inferior saberface :fgo_rinlaugh:

Poor jokes aside, you’ll probably wind up raising everyone eventually, as there are plenty of embers via events, and as far as who to pull, go for your favorites.

Just follow your heart. ~

Roll for Skadi.


Well I’m understand about the ember the problem is the mats since raising everyone is seriously monstrous task, and yes I also understand this game is all about farming, just like as wise man quote " that’s (farming) hell you’re walking into".

It really is. FGO is definitely not the type of game for people who expect things quickly. It’s taught me how to slow down and evaluate priorities. For the most part, a lot of characters only have 1-2 skills actually worth taking to 10, unless you really like them and want to completely max. Embers, well, play long enough and you’ll actually wind up having more than you’ll need.


Skadi is an excellent choice to summon. Save what you can for next week’s banner. If you are lucky to get her, with Atalante you are set for most farming centric events in the future. If you ever get Valkyrie/Parvatti, Berserkerlot/Fran, you will have what you need for 2+ years in terms of farming, specially if you get Dantes later on the road.

And guess what I just got valkyrie before I write this reply

Max out hijilata,ceasar,David,lu by,robin,euryale,Paul Bunyan in 2 days along with Ishtar rider,ushi,hundred personas,cursed arm,oh yeah farmers too Arash,Spartacus and medusa. Also Paracelsus he’s buff makes him a pretty good farmer/budget bride
Try to summon Skadi at least. Note support is always good. You can at least borrow quick dps. On that note also go for waver later this year. Also bedi isn’t worth using at lower NP levels. I’d rather use ceasar cause he’s getting a buff that lets him hit harder than bedi and he can spook during FP rolls and rate up.that’s about it
Oh yeah right georgios for stalling and Shakespeare and Mozart for card buffers.

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Actually my wishlist for 5 star this year is dantes because he is too cool to handle when I tried him from support, for the ishtar event my eyes goes to maid alter and caster nero, of course all from my personal bias, and I want to add some 4 or 5* assasin because I only have shiki ( she is excellent btw no complaint here), the reason is for the new faces? Or playing experience ( I am talking about the attack sprites and np animation).

Also bunyan?, what’s good about her?

Cheap to raise Berserk with a quick animated and heavy hitting NP for a One Star. And her utilities, oh, for that rarity her utilities are superb in Buster Centric teams. In short fights giver her a NP charge CE and fire it when available.

In CQ or story boss fights that aren’t buster resistant and where you need quick swaps put on her Poster Girl, then apply buffs to your teammates and the debuff to your enemies, and finally let her die, bringing forth your true support servant. If you are using Chaldea Combat Uniform, you can use your Swap Command to bring forth the last member of your team if needed.

In short: Paul Bunyan is a very useful cinnamon roll. She attacks, she protects, and she dies for you. Just like Bro Arash, but better in some cases, since she gives you support.


The upcoming summer banners and halloween is quite good. Raise Ushiwakamaru. She is a boss killer who can go in your 4th slot.

Whatever pp say goes. :fgo_hokusaiwink:

But Skadi is ok I guess.

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