Who to summon/save for next (poll)?

With all the banners and announced brave heroes, I’m considering my next move for what to summon/save for. For context, I have around 470 orbs atm.

Option 1 - Try merging Eitri alongside reserve chain challenge orbs

The hero fest has me VERY tempted to try and merge L!Eitri. She could work alongside my +10 L!Shez for a very strong (and high) fire season team. One could argue it’s overkill, but it would make the team last a very long time, for both scoring and power.

The main problem is cost. According to the summon simulator, it could take an average of around 1000 orbs to get 11 copies. Despite my current orb count, I think I have around 330-ish orbs in reserve from chain challenges + squad assault, so I do have a chance of getting lots of merges.

Option 2 - Save every last orb for B!Robin

I do intend on merging up brave Robin. I’ll likely get a few merges on his release, then finish merging through a re-run or something.

Saving up as many orbs as possible would make merging him near guaranteed, even if my luck was very bad.

Option 3 - Focus on fodder

There is some miscellaneous fodder units that I’d like for certain projects. Which include: Pent (to give Helbindi G duel infantry 4), Alear (close call 4 for Lumera), and maybe Alfred (arcane lance for Cervantes).

  • Option 1 - Try merging Eitri alongside reserve chain challenge orbs
  • Option 2 - Save every last orb for B!Robin
  • Option 3 - Focus on fodder

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I’m also curious on what you guys plan to summon for next.


Watching the FEH Channel, I was going to save all my orbs for a +10 B!Robin, but then this adorable little creampuff popped up and she immediately claimed priority.

Everybody else: Cool, easy pass Valentine’s.
Me, who adores my daughter Elise: FUUUUUUU-


I would hold off on investing into a second fire legendary (or a second legendary in any season, for that matter) until we get a better idea of how cutoff scores will be impacted by the new Arena changes.


This is a busy month for me. I just finished my A-Mareeta on Hero Fest, but I also want to pull for L-Chrom on the Remix (at least to one spark), for the first Takumi alt in years, and for Rearmed F-Robin since she will probably be on the 8% banner.

At least I have no interest in any of the Braves (again) which makes budgeting easier. I am still waiting for a non-seasonal Felix… I got to thinking and I’ve been preparing and saving fodder for so long that it’s now outdated… Shucks, I had set aside OG Mareeta AND F-Ike for him…

March could be nuts too depending on AHR banner. If L-Veronica or Rearmed F-Robin are there, I’ll be pulling on that banner too


Will the arena changes really make that much of an impact on scoring?

The main change I imagine is that people who are less interested in grinding for the highest score possible will now be able to score as high as they can, meaning more people than before are competing for the highest scores.

More people competing for the highest score usually means cut-off scores will higher. But what we know for sure is that arena cores that revolve around 2 legendaries are useless now. If you have a highly merged LShez, LEitri will only be useful when she is the bonus unit or when you don’t have the bonus legendary.

You really think having two legendary units won’t help scoring that much?

In theory you could score higher with two legendary units if you are willing to fish for those higher scores, but I see your point where it could be tougher to stay in the top tiers of arena.