Who was the more skilled swordsmaster? Musashi or Okita?

So on the eve of Okita’s newest banner I thought I would ask the experts here:

Who is the most skilled Swordsmaster? Okita or Musashi. Both in fate and in Real life lore.

That said, I am not asking who would win in a fight (Okita’s illness pretty much gives that to Musashi) but on pure sword skill alone who is better? The Battousai of the Shinsengumi? Or the master of the Emptyness?








A fusion of the two would be amazing though, right?


Heads would roll before they even realized someone was challenging them!


Sasaki Kojiro wants to know your location.


Until Musashi has a rocket launcher then Okita wins.


Who is the most skilled Swordsmaster? Okita or Musashi. Both in fate and in Real life lore.

Musashi on both counts. Shinsengumi’s modern fame in Japan is mostly drummed up by popular culture interest, though admittedly Musashi’s image benefitted a lot from popular culture depictions as well.

Musashi’s book and style are still studied and referenced today. Okita left behind no books and taught no one (granted he died young so he couldn’t even if he wanted to) and Okita’s techniques today are mostly just material for novels/manga et c instead of something being studied and practised. There is no question as to who was the more accomplished swordsman in real history.

Not really interested in discussing in-depth about Fate lore of Musashi vs Okita in this case (because I’m not impressed with it), but Musashi benefits from some hax abilities and is inserted into the story quite a number of times to defeat big threats for the protagonist. All in all within Fate lore I feel it is made pretty clear she and Munenori are the strongest of all the Japanese swordsmen.


Typical Okita smearing from the Musashi propaganda machine!

Okita will return with a jetpack from a distant jewel galaxy to light our darkest hour against Unicron!


Well I would have to place my bets on Okita at the moment cause

JP Spoiler

This Musashi is permanetly dead while Okita isn’t. Can’t fight if they can’t show up.

Also Okita has the power of a gag character. If the joke requires her to be the winner, no force in the nasuverse can prevent it. Gag characters are, as the situation demands, the most powerful beings in any universe.


Pretty much this. In Fate lord Musashi has a completely broken ability, even if she would normally only win 1 time in repeated fights until the end of time she can literally just choose to make that her reality. In truth we don’t know how good or bad Musashi actually is in Fate because give even a mediocre swordsman her ability and they become virtually unstoppable.

Why write an interesting story when you can write a cheat skill


Okita wins easily
all she needs is a bottle of bleach and a bowl of udon

Although now that I think about it this doesn’t solve who the better swordsman is, it’s just a fatal weakness



I prefer Okita in Fate but the name Musashi Miyamoto is on another level


There is an exception, Sasaki Kojirou. He trained his sword in the opposite direction, Infinity. At the end of Shimousa he and Musashi would have been in a stalemate for the rest of eternity, if no one else was there to tip the scales. The MC in this case. Though if I was given an actual option in story I would have picked Kojirou. I like the description for how he can use his skill, he has no knowledge of magic, but through sheer will the World gave up and let him break reality.


Until season 3, where letters from fans makes them revive Optimus Nobu(?).

Spoiler talk

Yeah, definetely permanent for real forever…


Thank you for the great and detailed response!

While it is sad to learn Okita’s was mainly myth and hype it is fascinating none the less. I appreciate the insightful answer!


It should be noted that Fate Musashi, even though she does have absolute hacks skills in her Emptiness and Heavenly Eyes, is still among the greatest swordmen in the franchise. Every opponent she has faced has complimented her on her flawless technique, and it’s by her skill that she is able to beat them. After all, Emptiness is a product of her training, and Heavenly Eyes can only allow her to choose a possible future, it doesn’t let her do anything she couldn’t normally accomplish.

From a more meta standpoint, Musashi is generally considered to be the greatest swordsman in history, at least in Japan. Therefore, the heroic spirit Musashi would be the greatest swordsman in Japanese history, just because it’s a defining aspect of his legend.


Isn’t Okita fairly weak in the lore and mainly given her SSR status for waifu reasons? I mean, she has poor stats, a mediocre NP, and is weakened by Tuberculosis. I suppose she’s competent at sword fighting, but being somewhat skilled in basic combat without stats, transcendental skill levels, or powerful NPs leaves her as a pretty weak servant.

You got the part about her having tuberculosis correct, at least.


Disagree on the take there. If she would ever win a fight, even by fluke, Heavenly Eye lets he choose that path. Wouldn’t call that something you could “normally accomplish”. As for her actual sword skill it’s hard to tell because while a lot of characters compliment her we have no idea how often she resorts to using that skill, just that she prefers not to use it if the situation isn’t life-or-death.