Who was the voices in Lostbelt Trailer?

The main narrator is Goetia, but who was the voice speaking in the beginning (something weird chant, no subtitles) and who was the voice speaking in the end (that the cosmos always being filled with something)?

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Final voice sounds like Qin Shi Huang

First voice could possibly be The Foreign God but it’s probably just the Japanese Aniplex voice

I guess someone can do some analysis on the 1st voice because with all those effects it’s impossible to tell who voiced that

Edit: upon listening closer, the first voice was saying “stars, cosmos, gods” , etc. which is a chant of the animusphere magic, so it’s probably


Olga, or the alien god that resembles her from the spoilers I have seen

last voice I am guessing sakamoto maaya, the voice for da vinci, or the same voice from tge spoiler above

The chant is the Animusphere magecraft, only two people that we know of used it so far so i assume it’s Olga Marie.