Who was your Nero Fest MVP?

Nero Fest is coming to a close soon, so let’s all reflect: Which servant(s) was/were the star of the show for you during the Nero Fest event? It could be someone who helped you 3 turn the nodes, or someone who carried your team in the CQs, or both!

For farming:

  1. Astolfo: I used him for every single round and his NP battery is a godsend and his NP hits like a truck. Thank you DW for his third skill upgrade :catdance: He went from bond 5 to bond 9 from just this event.
  2. Karna: I used him for qualifiers and the main event and this beautiful boi burned the final wave for both rounds to the ground.
  3. Waver: He’ll always be the overworked MVP mage in every farming event. Thank you all who provided x/x/10 Wavers with the MLB Bryn CE on your support list.

Honorable mentioned:

  1. Drake: I’m very happy I got her from the GSSR. She made the finals node real easy to farm.

For CQs:

  1. Cu Alter: My best boi destroyed everything as the main DPS and as the last man standing :heart: Best moment was when he NPBB brave chained King Hassan to oblivion :fgo_buster: He was also my FP money maker during the event
  2. Amakusa: He really shined in the final prototype CQ and the Hassan CQ. Enemies’ buffs are meaningless to him :fgo_buster:
  3. Merlin: He’ll always be my MVP when it comes to not dying by enemy NP

Honorable mentioned:

  1. Sherlock: He made the Siegfried CQ a walk in the park. I actually did it again because I could never pass up seeing Siegfried get critted to death.


  1. Rider mo: Helped burn those last apples in the finales. Surfs up nerds

  2. Lance: Helped early on when I couldn’t surfs up people effectively and I was running Gorrila comps to one shot. ▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅!

  3. Support Waver: Self explanatory. Praise be to np charges


  1. Cu Alter: Soloed all of the CQ’s that he could and acted as a main dps in those he couldn’t. Really glad I pulled him while trying to get Waver all that time ago.

  2. Jeanne: Did someone say stall?

  3. Eggplant Kouhai: Pretty much stapled her to Cu alter at this point and helped through things where I couldn’t just invul my way through (looking at you stella)

Shout outs to all the deceased Georgios and Leonidas you shall be missed.
Second shout out to FloofZerker for completely disabling Stella from doing any damage and allowing Herc to clean up.
Third shout out to some dudes Okita that soloed Suzuka for me ily.


Shout out to Nero for being my ace in the hole and soloing… Herself.

I mean, seriously, you thought she’d allow anyone else to win the Grand Finale?

People love to say that she’s inferior to Herc, but only one of them can use a 200% damage CE while also being unkillable.

Seriously, though, having started the game about a month ago, the fact that I was able to earn both the Lores from the CQs without relying on my friends list felt pretty good. Nero has more than earned some grails and gold Fous, in my book.



1.) Definitely Astolfo, I’ve done most of my farming on this last node and he cleans them out easily. I’m glad I finally got some use from him considering the fact that he’s one of the very few servants that I have NP2.

2.) Karna, although I haven’t completely forgiven him for spooking me during Raikou’s first banner, he definitely tried to make up for it during Nero-Fest. His new and improved NP tore through archer and divine enemies.

3.) Although I used him the most, he’s in the number 3 slot due to the fact that he wasn’t mine… of course its Waver. I worked all of my friends’ wavers to the bone this nero-fest, and they were key to all of my farming teams.

Challenge Quests.

1.) Berserker Lancelot- I know his main use is normally considered farming, but he tore through the multi-class challenge quests easy with a merlin support and some Star-generating craft essences. His crits are insane.

2.) Heracles - I have mine bond level 10, so of course when I was looking for servants to clutch with he was the first that came to mind. He outlasted Arash and clutched up against quite a few bosses when I needed him most.

3.) Jeanne- Of course my number one pick for challenge quests and arts teams, Jeanne kept my team safe from enemy NPs and clowned da vinci and her minions easy.



  1. Raikou Mama: She is basically in all quest during farming :joy:
  2. Merlin/Waver: I pretty much put these 2 together, because it’s either one or the other throughout
  3. Astolfo: New NP charge skill, just make my life easier


  1. Cu Alter: He appears at least 80% of the CQ I’ve done. Just one description for him: Reliable. He even makes me start considering getting my own Cu Alter now
  2. Jeanne: Only got her in the recent class banner, but she basically appeared in all the harder CQ I’ve fought in this Umufest, need more to say about her?
  3. Holmes: He is pretty much non existent in my team since I got him. Never appeared in any fight until this event, but what can you say? He makes those CQ absurdly easy, defence just doesn’t exist

Honorable mention 1: Merlin, yes it’s him, of course it’s Merlin, I just don’t feel he should listed above. Should I even need to say more why he is being mentioned
Honorable mention 2: Kiara, she is real good and makes a lot of CQ pretty easy. She easily can compete with Holmes up there instead of being honourable mentioned
Honorable mention 3: Jeanne Lily, Typically it’s hard to imagine she is being mentioned in CQ. But she soloed the duos (You know, Arjuana and Karna), even there is a little bit of help from George. So Head pat for the little Santa~!!


Penthesilea without a doubt

No matter the CQ, I always had her as my last man standing just in case plans A-B failed. Thanks to her I earned 7 summon tix I’d never have gotten.

Edit: That dmg vs Heracles…oh my god Penth stop hes already dead!


Discounting CQs, since I used a wide variety of Servants for those, my MVPs are:

Arash and Spartacus for the first two rounds. Seriously, these two constantly wiped out waves 2 and 3 respectively with their NPs, though the Sphinx in round 2 needed a face card from Spartacus to finish off.

As for the finals, needless to say it’s Surf Mo and Nero Bride. 140 Gold apples and over 90k petals over the course of 2 and a half days of near non-stop Tube Riding.

And, of course, can’t forget the various Support Wavers I borrowed. @wei321 @jakeyb @Recks @Inkaflare @rbalaggan0 @kuu0 @RamenKing

Thank you for your hard (over)work Lord El-Melloi. :rofl:


Kiara, Lartoria, Fran, Gil, and Surfer Mo all put in the work while farming. Waver too, obviously. Also, shoutout to the gacha for spitting out the last Kscope I needed to MLB it during Day 2 of the event. I owe you one.

Holmes put in the work during these CQs. I wish we had more time to rerun them with different servants.


In general the MVP must be Support Waver…
Spartacus and Shakespeare for round 1 and 2. They worked amazing for budget units.
Mordred claimed the round 3 title.

For CQs it is a bit harder to say as I varied my teams a lot.
I tink Enkidu, Kiara and Tamamo were the only ones to be in two CQs so I guess Kiara.
Those messy finals mechanics were easy to deal with due to her NP and skill set even if she stumbled a bit with the knight classes.

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Spartacus with mlb 2G oneshotting every boss wave for farming quests was my truest friend this nerofest
close second is everyones favorite nuke and fainter arash and a special shoutout to hans and his help with some of the CQ’s

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For farming:

My Waver. He was in every party. Finally making him ×/10/10 has been amazing.

For challenge quests:

  1. My Waver. There’s a reason he was my first bond 10 servant… sorry baber alter.
  2. Kiara. How can I not use her in mixed enemy challenge quests? She was my first 10/10/0 servant for a reason… again, sorry baber alter
  3. Baber Alter Lancer. Good Gawd can this lady crit and hit hard with her np. Can’t wait to get her to 10/10/10… stupid fangs…

Arash, Shakesphere, Spartacus and support waver were used in every one of my petal farming setups with only the 2nd wave clearer being different each time(Jalter lily, Shiki, Salter Rider).

As for challenge quests. I used Stheno on all but the last four, Medb with her three turn debuff immunity was great for the Da Vinci quest, Kiara and Amakusa were great for allowing me to trivially get through the remaining challenge quests after I was so done with King Hassan. Speaking of which, allow me to reiterate that that challenge was stupid.

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Spartacus for doing work during the lotto, esp. on my alt.

Herc for saving my alt’s bacon a few times in the exhibitions, and finally saving my 5*less Prototype run.

Lu Bu of all people for beating KH, since I had no Sanzang, Illya, or Iri.

BB for Da Vinci and Prototype debuff removal. Thank heavens I didn’t have to break out Medea or Sanson :fgo_illya: for that!


Mordred, Helena and Tamamo making the grind bearable in Finals
Lancelot critting everyone down during Qualifs and Main
Tamamo being Tamamo
BB - god mode
Mash, Leo and Georgios- tank everything
Hans who defended his title of of budget Merlin

and ofc @Rationale 's Cu Alter-truly a monster


Farming - @LeiCiel Surfmo

CQ -
Emiya - he basically doing 5 CQ
Tamamo - well she Tamamo what can I said.
BB - I use her only for Da Vinci but she get the job done.


For farming, Passionlip was the MVP for the semi’s and finals, followed by Raikou lancer.
For challenge quests that I did manage to clear: Kiara, both Raikous.

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My Waver for farming and CQs. He’s like a sticky-note that’s stuck on every party :fgo_umu:.

There’s also Ishtar too, for continuously robbing Gil of his gems. Thanks to them, I have enough gold gems for Goldie when he comes off the free 4* ticket :fgo_umu:.

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So for farming raikou
For CQ: raikou
Special mention :raikou
Ah and waver


Raikou, gil, cu alter for CQs. For farming my 3 superscope.

The true MVP was the update list button. It’s a nightmare to search for the servant you want with the CE equipped.

Now I remember why I removed all my friends list but keep only one.

I gave up king hassan challenge because of that…


First of all is of course shoutout to all the support Wavers with MLB petals CE. I worked you really hard, esp last few days!

Now for CQ:

  1. Enkidu - she tore through evrything divine like it was… clay :fgo_megane: Herc, bash brothers, Gil - nothing could stop her rampage.
  2. Melt - trivialised Medb challenge and was my only solo attempt (for Spartakus) plus the one to kick King Hassan to death deserves this title!
  3. Nero Caster - true MVP makes her appereance, uhu-hu-hu. She cleared last year Hassan and this year final with zero effort, held her own with new Hassan of BS and even helped with farming medals
  4. Jean - kept me alive through all the hardest CQ, Thanks to her and friendly Amakusa (heh) I cleared prototype CQ without CS

For farming

  1. Raikou - present in just every my farming comp. Mama worked hard
  2. Pent - got me reliable 5 turn cleares after I struggled coming up with fast farming comp with ma various AoE servants
  3. Merlin - overwoked neet helped also in CQ, but he truly shined here overbuffing my Raikou