Who Won the Grand Ishtar Cup in your Chaldea?

With the Grand Ishtar Cup coming to a close, the question must be asked: Who won in your Chaldea? And why did they win?

Who Won?

  • Team Umu/Maid Alter
  • Team Raikou
  • Team Helena
  • Team Fran
  • Team Nobu
  • Team Nitocris

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  • Dedication to the character/team (including waifu reasons)
  • Mat drops in the nodes
  • Mat rewards for winning the round
  • Other

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I’m 99% confident that Team Umu/Maid Alter will win the first poll by a landslide based on the fact that I’m pretty sure they won the server-wide race by a landslide.

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It takes until the end of the rerun for me to realize the winning team is not the team that win the most rounds publicly :fgo_dshy:


Only one acceptable victor

Nito won last year for me too :thinking:




I love her scene with Ozy at the end too

It’s such a great moment for her


Didn’t really need any specific drops and i went for Raikou last year so i decided to give Nitocris the win (despite her deciding to not come to my Chaldea).

Also, her winning scenes finally made me confirm my choice of picking Schez in the SSR ticket for NA’s equivalent of the 20M campaign. Gotta reunite the two.




Oh for the love of - !

I never expected Nitocris to win. I indeed farmed in the node where she won but the others were mostly Nero. Oh well, at least it wasn’t Raikou.

My conscience - “But Sanzang was in that team.”



I thought all the Nito shilling would die already

I mean, I cheered exclusively for Nero in every round, so…


I was team Nito but I hardly cheered for her because I needed other mats and in the end Helena won.

Not bad, Helena, Testla and Edison are a funny trio, good for them

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Nito this year.

I think Helena last year.

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Raikou win, no idea how it happened


Whichever team you gave the most cheering points wins.

I know, i just didn’t see i was cheering this team this much… not evenremember on which rounds i cheered it

Nito, lol.

Suppose Sieg and Ryouma being my best units right now certainly plays a part in that.

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Nobu and MHX. Mostly because their currency nodes corresponded with enemies that I had farming counters to.

Last year I only followed drops/round rewards I needed and nodes I could clear with bonus servants. Helena won from my efforts to get gears for bride’s skills.

This year mostly followed event currency I needed on nodes with zerkers, sabers and assassins because I have tesla, yuri pirates, sanzang, Edison for super easy clears, but also made a conscious effort to keep team Tyranny in my personal lead because I thought their end would be enjoyable.

Team Raikou :heart::heart::heart: I made sure to farm her a good chunk each wave, and spread out the rest of my grinding across multiple other racers during each wave so one character that wasn’t Raikou didn’t accumulate too many points.

(Raikou also won for me last year aswell)

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To me the biggest boon of this event are the QP you get from cheer points anyways so I didn’t even bother to look up the mat drops for the individual nodes and went in on the MHX nodes from start to finish just enough to clear all shop items outside of some monuments.
If I can get 100M QP and support my favourite team on the way then I’m happy as a clam.