Who Would Be Angriest at Their Depiction in FGO?

We all know that FGO takes certain “liberties” with the lore and depictions of certain historical figures and mythologies.

Which of them do you think would be highly offended or angry at how they’re depicted? Would there be any who wouldn’t be angry but instead find it amusing?


I’m almost tempted to say Heracles? Because he almost has no presentation at all he just screams. But there’s a fair bet some of the less ancient gender-swaps (like Drake) probably would be deeply unhappy about it (and the ancient ones probably wouldn’t be thrilled either).


Okita would be… Idk confused with a hint of anger and disappointment?

“Wha- They fetishized my feet? I fought for the shogunate for this?”


Definately Boudica.


Maybe if he just played FGO. I imagine that if he saw the interaction b/n Illya and his animated counterpart he’d probably try re-rolling for himself and whale for Illya and Sitonai.


Any God probably? I mean they’re Gods… But they would also find it amusing too maybe.


I mean, Artemis will definitely smite us all and flay us once she finds out that we turned her into a big-boobed, harebrained pedobear-lover…


Tempted to say blackbeard but I would imagine no one would care what he had to say on the matter, what with the being a horrible romanticized bandit and all.

Next mention goes to Jason. While I would argue Jason in FGO really is just kind of a look at how he would be perceived by modern standards and isn’t really super far off the mark. In his day he would have been considered a paragon of heroism.

I am sure several gender flipped servants would probably be less then happy. Particularly ones from societies were women are treated like property or puritanical ones where that would offend their religious senses.

Nero while recent historical evidence suggests while a terrible leader they were not the monster that most people learned about in history class, fairly sure he wouldn’t be able to take the joke.


Though what is the greatest honor other than being in the body of Rin?


Zhuge Liang. He doesn’t even get the honor of any real background or dialogue of his own, but is instead portrayed basically entirely as Waver/El-Melloi II.

I guess you could say the same for basically most pseudo-servants, since they’re all just Fate tie-ins, but Zhuge Liang is probably the worst offender by a long shot.


Yeah, no definitely her. Like, there’s how her past is glossed over for the sake team ups with Nero, the fact that her interlude is a goblin/orc doujin joke…

There’s’ a few more I can’t remember ATM, but It’s like DW is trying to get haunted by her vengeful ghost


Blackbeard - Infamous dread pirate reduced to a joke pervert character
David - Genuinely penitent and distraught by his adultery, openly admires married women
Wu Zetian - Clawed her way to the top, sacrificing god knows what, but depicted as a naked child
Nobu - the demon king, turned into a female idiotic joke character

Alternatively, I’d imagine some like Tesla would love to have learned that he was recognized this much posthumously


Wasn’t Galahad also angry on his 1st summoning? Or was he angry at the way he was summoned. That could also play a role on how angry said Historical/God figure would be, how he was summoned?

Good questions. I kind of like the Heracles one. Especially in FGO it’s just sad, just yelling and not much of note. Fate as whole is a bit better. But I’m sure he’d still wish he was depicted in a way that was more than just ‘when he went nuts.’ Lancelot got a sane version of himself.

Boudica is definitely a good call. Just based on her downright terrible art, but beyond that how she was used in Septem. A bit better at least in Summer 2 event, but says a lot when that’s one of her best moments in the whole game.

Maybe Fionn? He is portrayed as rather pathetic and not nearly as awesome as he probably should be.



Imagine what the real Jack the Ripper would do once he finds out…


This big time. She was the eternal maiden, never had any of the flings of the rest of the pantheon (that I know of) to be reduced to such a cringy love besotted bimbo… Yeah, I’d call down goddly wrath over that too.

Also Edison. Presi king? Lion head? Makes no sense.


Weeelll…I believe one theory was that Jack the Ripper never really existed? Like, I’m uncertain about this so take it with a grain of salt, but the theory was that all the subsequent murders were attributed to him because they didn’t know who to blame. Like…“A brutal murder with no suspects? Must be Jack the Ripper again!”

Soooo…in a way, depicting Jack as an amalgamation of different spirits, may not be too far from reality. (Still shouldn’t be a small girl though. Likely, the murderers were grown men)


I’d like Ryouma and Oryou to be happy that at least their FGO selves are having fun in Chaldea.


Oda Nobunaga

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That sounds more similar to Fate/Strange Fake’s version of Jack the Ripper: https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/False_Berserker

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