Who would benefit the most with Mirror Impact?

So, I recently got pity-broken on my quest to get some good units on this legendary banner with Summer Laevatein. I’m not exactly too impressed with her (+DEF, - HP) because I already have better green mages on my team - but I did have my eyes on her Mirror Impact, which can definitely do some wonder with a unit who can take advantage of such skill. Which unit do you think will greatly benefit from Mirror Impact?

I was looking through all my units who have typically high RES for the most part, so I compiled a list of which ones might be contenders for inheritance - Hoshidan Summer Micaiah (+ATK, -HP), OG Micaiah (+1/RES), Lilina (+2/ATK), Gunnthra (+3/RES), Yune (+RES, -ATK), Eir (+1/SPD), Naesala (+2), Hot Springs Camilla (+1), Deirdre (Neutral), and some other units I’m considering to build like Sigrun, Sonya, and Aversa. Just an idea of what I’m looking at, but I’ll let you all offer feedback for this one.

If anything, I also would like to know if it’s worth building either Sonya or Aversa if I were to give one of them Mirror Impact? I’m pretty sure there are other ways to build around this particular skill with other units, but I’m just curious if they’re good units to build from the start. I kinda want to do something with either one. I also want to ask if Eir might be better with Mirror Impact, since I do have her (+SPD) with optimal stats and a fairly decent build. Well, I’ll gladly wait for answers from anybody, so thanks in advance ~

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any DC weapon unit

It’s a bit of a niche skill, but still useful on the right unit.

The thing is that units like summer micaiah who fear one shots usually prefer sturdy impact over mirror impact since she’d likely to be used as an anti-armor/cav unit.

Brunnya, Deidre, Julia, any high res unit that uses iceberg or glacies are safe bets, especially on an IP defense team. Any dedicated mage duelist. Eir, especially if she’s +spd and you focus on making her a mage ko’er, although the follow up negation would be wasted. Basically, any unit that you decide to make a dedicated mage counter.

I’ve seen some L! Alms with it as well.

I’m slightly leaning towards giving it to a unit like OG Micaiah, Yune, or another character built from scratch like Sonya, Brunnya, or Aversa. I honestly think Eir is fine with the A-skill that came with her base kit, maybe Atk/Spd Solo 3 if I feel like it in the future. What are your thoughts? I would like some advice :)

I would go with brunnya.

I would say to use it on either slow units and/or antimages or Dragon-killers. I plan to use it on Velouria with Ruptured Sky to make her notably lethal to beasts and, especially, Dragons.

I can see it working on Micaiah or Yune, though in Micaiah’s case I’d say the best argumen5 against her is that she’s kind of powercrept. Sonya could make good use of it, but Aversa wants HP-boosting skills to capitalize on her tome. Dual HP/SPD+ or some other combination. Better procs on Sudden Panic.

Velouria can’t use ruptured. :pensive:

I guess my options come down to Yune, Sonya, or Brunnya. Which one would you recommend?

I am definitely considering to give Mirror Impact to either Brunnya or Sonya (got a little pattern going, huh?) since I do have enough skills to inherit to build one of them from scratch. Got any ideas on what skills to give for either unit? I also would like to know why Brunnya would be a better choice than another unit? Sonya has a nice base kit, but her defense is so atrocious that it would take a ton of work to compensate for her other strengths in my opinion.

OG.Julia would actually like Mirror Stance 3… sadly fir me it would be a fight between that or Atk/Res bond 4

Can’t she? Didn’t know it had restrictions. According to the desciption on GP there’s no limits.

Then again, never foddered a Byleth, so :man_shrugging:t3:.

Doesn’t change my plans for her.

Dragon’s and Beast’s can’t use Ruptured Sky it only makes sense since it only does more damage to them than other unit’s

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I can see MI stacking well with Yune’s Chaos Manifest, for 12 ATK in-combat amd a guaranteed double. Won’t affect Chaos Named, though, so maybe she’d prefer something more visible. Yune take best advantage of MI cancelling followups, though, since she’s the slowest of the lot.

Sonya has a native Mirror Strike, so you could fodder her more skills from Laevateinn, making better use out of her rare availability, like Odd ATK Wave as well. The +6 ATK and +10 RES could also fit qell with her Dark Excalibur forge to give her some nasty Iceberg bombs. Especially if paired with Special Spiral, but that’s not necessary.

Brunnya’s eventual availability gives her the best potential for merges. Her Fimbilvetr cancels penalties from things like Panic and grants her all+4 in doing so, so she may want something like Bonus Doubler to make that into +8 everything in-combat. That doesn’t make MI bad on her though, especially if you don’t have BD fodder.

I suppose what it really comes down to is which unit you like better or use more frequently, or if you would prefer it to go to a unit you know you’ll be able to +10 easily. Personally, I would probably give it to Sonya, between the three; but I don’t have Yune and don’t plan to use Brunnya, so Sonya is the only unit it’d really see any use on in my case. If you would use Yune or Brunnya more, it might be better used on them.

Eh. In that case: whatever, then. I’ll just give her Galeforce with Heavy Blade or something instead… Still plan on giving her Mirror Impact, which is the important skill in the setup.

I got one neutral IV Summer Laeva as well.
I told myself that if I ever got one, I’d create a Gordin +10 with his new refined weapon, for easy Arena wins in defenses and or why not even in AR.
The idea is simple.
To benefit out the most of it, you need to give it to a low res and low speed unit and having brave weapon.
He initiates, he doesn’t get doubled, dancer reaches him with wom or not and he attacks and kills with his Luna or Bonfire.
Only that skill makes it for him. When initiating, he may survive even precharged Nino - Tharjas and cancel their followup! I haven’t tested it tho!
I got a Yune +3 +atk as well but I prefer her Fury 3 for making all her stats and her visible Res mostly, as higher as she can.
I prefer having round defenses instead of maximizing the one and letting the other low.
Notice: Sacrifice a 4star Oliver for Mirror Strike 2, in order to inherit BOTH Odd Atk Wave AND Mirror Impact as others mentioned above.

You know… it took me until now to realize this thread was about Mirror Impact and not the new Mirror Stance 3… but Deirdre would like Mirror Impact tho its what I run on her… it doesn’t help her weapon but it’s really nice to have still

I have an idea on how I want to build Sonya. I think this could also work for Brunnya, but I don’t know if I want to go out my way to build another blue mage when I already have units like Reinhardt (+10/ATK) and Ishtar (+2/ATK) on my team. I also considered building Tailtiu (I have exactly 11 copies of her), but I feel like she won’t really benefit from Mirror Impact. Any thoughts on this one?

Ehhh. Sonya is a bit outclassed in the mage duelist category imo. Her res/spd combo doesn’t quite cut it now, although she is still a good unit for AR defense and has a favorable color for the role.

Brunya is definitely the better investment now than Sonya imo. I would say that even if Sonya were in the 3-4* pool.

Tailtu is good, but not for this.

It’s hard to top L! Julia for this sort of thing, but Brunnya is probably the second best option, and easily the best f2p option.

Should I just bite the bullet and fork over for Brunnya, then? I do have Lewyn (+1/SPD) who probably does wonders even without Mirror Impact if I do just pass on Sonya. The question is whom should I give that skill to, you know? Do you possibly have any builds for Brunnya that can capitalize from Mirror Impact the most?