Who would better to use this Arena season? (Yes I like polls. Plus they compile all the data and make it easier to read.)

Duo Dagr: I have at +1 +Atk
Lyre: +1 +Atk
L! (F)Byleth: I can merge her but I was hoping to save a copy for fodder. She is neutral IVs
Feel free to comment below.

  • Duo Dagr
  • Lyre
  • L!(F)Byleth

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It’s Wind season so if you Wind bless the rest of your team, Byleth will give you the most points for your buck, even unmerged

If you made it into T21 last season though, don’t even bother trying. You have no chance of maintaining no matter how hard you fish unless you have at least one +10 legendary on your team


I have a +9 Light Mythic and a +8 Wind Legendary but no +10s saddly.

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I’m not positive of the score you need to stay in T21 but I want to say it’s 762+ these days

The tier is absurdly competitive and has only gotten worse with the ever increasing score Duos. And with Duo Dagr being able to cheat up another score bin thanks to her Prf B skill, it’s worse than ever before

Mythics aren’t gonna really help you for Arena scoring (at least not more than any normal unit); they will just be treated as a blessed unit if you have a legendary on your team and both the legendary and mythic are in season


Who would score higher though for next week after I fully deck them out +1 Duo Dagr or unmerged L!Byleth?

Next week is still Wind season so Byleth still wins as long as the rest of your team has Wind blessings on them. Blessings increase your score a lot, to the point where a legendary at around +5 with the rest of the team blessed will give you roughly the same score as a +10 non legendary unit (abusing this mechanic with my +10 L-Tiki and later Julia and Robin is how I managed to squeeze into T21 10 times even without using Rallies or optimal BST on my core)

If you don’t bless, Dagr wins