Who would you +10? Hana or Caeda?

Since Hana is getting a refine, I’m now debating who to +10.
Between Hana and Caeda, one of them is likely to be my new merge project.

Who would you choose? And why? I would like to get some thoughts before deciding.

Why would you decide before we see the refine?


This is a pretty common thing for some reason.

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I’d choose Caeda cause I like the character more than Hana lol. But…I guess it’s pointless to decide now, you should wait and see what Hana’s refine looks like.

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You’re right…I guess I’m asking as it stands now. Sounds pretty dumb of me to ask now, doesn’t it?

I mean, out of the two now I’d go with Caeda because her prf.

But because we don’t know Hana’s, I can’t really answer.

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I guess I’ll wait. I’m assuming her refine would be heavy blade 3. It just synergizes well with her hard-hitting atk stat.

never choose Hana

anything is better than hana


Puts glasses on
Akshually… :innocent:

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anything is better than hana


but she so cyuuute. TY for your thoughts though :)

I see what you did there LOL

Hana,she train’s to improve her skills😎
Caeda only thinks about marth :unamused: lol

But,seriously it depends on which one do you like,
I currently have hana at +10 since she’s one of my favorite fe characters,so I’m a little hyped for her refinement.

I would wait to see what’s hana refinement is going to be before making this decision.

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Is this assuming Hana’s refine will have armour effectiveness? Also Hana and Caeda fill completely different roles.