Whom from other animes would make good servants to you?

I ask because there are sone characters out there, that is they ever did a cross over, I’d love to see.
Namely an Assassin classed Himiko Toga from MHA.
Archer Luck from Black Clover.
Caster Vanessa from Black Clover.
Berserker or Saber Yami, also Black Clover.
Archer Pink Devil Llem from GGO
Caster Yumeko Jabami of Kakagurui.

These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head as of posting this.

I need the absolute legend himself as a Berserker (or Avenger?)

Just for the meme, he should have a Guts spell, too.




That doesn’t look like an anime…


Class: Puncher.
Noble Phantasm: One Punch. Instakill 500% chance.



She had one you hoe


But those pictures weren’t from it you bitch

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The first one I thought of was Edward Elric from FMA. Don’t know what he would be tho…

Also, Roy Mustang as a berserker with an AOE NP.


That’s better

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A lot of FMA main characters would fit more as casters (except maybe both Armstrong siblings), but a case could be made for Mustang as an Avenger (he didn’t go insane, so Avenger fits better than berserker), same with Scar.


The main character from Parasyte would make sense as a Foreigner.

I take it back. Luck would be a Berserker. He uses lightning sure, but infused into kicks and punches. Berserker fits him better.

FMA spoiler

I was thinking of the moment towards the end where he got a hold of Envy. He was being pretty reckless due to his rage. But Avenger probably still fits better.

Also thought of Riza as an archer and Ling as an assassin.

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Just to throw some funny ones in, I’ll list some options from Nichijou.

  • Mio as a berserker (due her temper and mental breakdowns and boxing skills)
  • Mai as a Ruler (as she seems the sort to be neutral and has a variety of talents)
  • Yuko as a Ruler or caster? (she’s only really good at poetry, so hard to think of a class for her)
  • Hakase as a Caster (due to being a scientist)
  • Nano as an Alter Ego (due to being an android)
  • Kojiro Sasahara as a Rider (because he insists on riding a goat to school)
  • Misato as an Archer (because of her shooting Sasahara whenever he annoys her)
  • Yoshino as a saber (due to her talent at kendo)
  • Nakamura as an assassin (due to setting traps that people get caught in and using tranquilizers, sometimes on herself accidentally)

(Edit) Now I kinda want to try designing the skills/NPs for these, but that would take a while, so maybe later.

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Toga would have a skill called Class Absorption. Would be a 500 HP demerit to whatever ally it was used on, but would allow Toga to take on that servant’s class. Use it on a ruler, archer, etc, she becomes that class for 3 turns.

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Vash the Stampede as an archer


I had a feeling that Saitama would be an Archer because everyone knows that Archer Class is composed of Servants who were Masters of Bow.

I forgot the characters that I was thinking back then so I’ll round up some of my favorites:

  • Berserker Mirajane Strauss

  • Shielder Iwatani Naofumi

  • Lancer L’Arc Berg

  • Archer Glass

  • Assassin Goblin Slayer

  • Saber/Rider Selesia Upitiria

  • Caster Meteora Österreich

  • Caster Mamika Kirameki

  • Rider Alicetaria February

  • Assassin Blitz Talker

  • Rider Rui Kanoya

  • Lancer Hikayu Hoshikawa

  • Berserker Magane Chikujōin

  • Assassin Mirokuji Yuya

  • Alter-Ego/Foreigner Altair


Foreigner: Ryo-Ohki
Berserker: Ryoko
Saber: Tenchi
Archer: Mihoshi
Caster: Washu
Ruler: Ayeka
Alter Ego: Pretty Sami (Sasami)
Assassin: Kiyone

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Puella Magi as servants…

Madoka as Archer Pre-ending, and Ruler post-ending. Homura could fit well as an Assassin pre-ending, and I would die to see her as an Avenger post Rebellion.
Sayaka can be a Saber, or a Berserker post-reveal, Sakura as Lancer, Mami is a tough one… I’m not quite sure of which class I’d give to her. Kyuubei’s class is B*tch (lbr it should be a legit class)